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2019 Marketing Strategy For Home Repair Contractors

2019 marketing strategy for home repair contractors

2019 Marketing Strategy For Home Repair Contractors


This is the time of year when home service contractors like roofers, plumbers, pest control professionals, etc. start to look at their marketing strategy for the upcoming year. We’re coming into the close of 2018 and rolling into 2019, so I want to share with you three things that home repair contractors need to include in their 2019 marketing strategy.



1. Social Media Marketing.


You have to have a social media marketing plan! This means Facebook videos and posts, Instagram videos and posts, etc. This is no longer optional—it’s become the standard. The only companies that should not have a social media plan are the companies that are always going to be at the very bottom pricing tier, the lowest price for their services. If your services are not the cheapest, if you’re in the middle ground, you have to have a social media marketing plan because your potential clients are going to research your company online. They’re going to look at your Facebook page content and reviews just to get an idea of who you are. If you don’t have that presence, and you are not the lowest bidder, you are not going to win their business.



2. Email marketing.


You also have to have an email marketing strategy. For every bid that you do you should be collecting an email address. This allows you to re-market to those people. All those people you helped out this winter? You’re going to be able to target them again in the spring and summer when they need your services then. Be active with your email marketing campaign!



3. Blogging.


It’s also very important to have a good blogging strategy. A blog gives you a way to add articles to your website. And any time you add content to your website it helps you in the search engines! Now—I’m not saying that just because you write a blog post and add it to your website, it means you’re going to be the number one hit when someone looks for your service. That’s not how it works! But it does give Google something to look at every month and that helps your rankings. Plus, if you add good, helpful content to your website every month, consumers on your website will start clicking around more and staying longer. They’ll want to do business with you because you are leading with value. 

So these are the three things I recommend you add to your marketing mix in 2019. These are all things we can help you out with at Market With Mario, so if you need help with your marketing strategy for the coming year please send me an email at!


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