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3 Reasons Home Repair Contractors Should Be On Instagram


Instagram for contractors

Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Hello, contractors!

Today we’re answering the question, should my business be on Instagram? 

The answer is … Yes! Absolutely!

More and more people are flocking to Instagram. Your potential customers are still on Facebook. They just get bored and want to try something new! So why should your business be on Instagram?


1. Your potential customers are there!


The number one reason you want to be on Instagram is that’s where your customer base is! Your customers are on Instagram, and they’re scrolling through their feeds. Whenever you think about marketing, you want to think about getting in front of people where they are. Whether you’re a plumber, you do garage door repair, you’re a landscaper—your clientele is absolutely on Instagram! No matter what your friends and family might tell you, the numbers don’t lie—your customers are on Instagram.


2. Hashtags give you more exposure for your business


On Instagram, you have the ability to be found without having to pay for it, by using hashtags. Lots of people will search locally to find out what’s going on in their city, whether that’s Allen, McKinney, Plano, or wherever you are. If you use those hashtags you can be found without anyone having to follow you! This is impossible on Facebook, where you have to pay for attention. But on Instagram, you can get more exposure for your business just by using hashtags.

I do want to caution you, however: Just because you put #mckinney or #frisco and say, “Call us today for your plumbing needs!” doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to get you the customers. You still have to lead with value and work on your brand to get people to come to you. But Instagram is explosive, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be on there for hashtag value alone. 


3. Get ahead of the curve!


This is where things are trending because Instagram keeps evolving. It’s always good to jump on where things are moving to! If someone were to ask you 10 years ago if you would ever be on Facebook, you would laugh because you wouldn’t have known what Facebook was. Now things are evolving towards Instagram, and you want to be ahead of the curve because there you’ll be the big fish in the small pond until the rest of your competitors catch up! 

If you need help managing your Instagram I’d love to help you out! We are currently looking for lawn care, garage door repair, and pest control clients. We only take on one business per industry, so if you fit one of those categories and could use some help, give me a call! If you don’t fit one of those categories and know a great lawn care company, garage door repair person or pest control company, I’d love a referral! 

Thanks for reading. Now, get on Instagram! And let me know if I can help you figure it out and get things moving!


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