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3 Ways General Contractors Can Build Trust Online

ways general contractors can build trust online


A home improvement contractor’s first job is to gain the client’s trust. You need your customers to open their doors and invite you into their homes. They will only do this if they trust you.

I am going to give you 3 ways general contractors can build trust online:


1. Shoot and post videos.


You knew I was going to say this! There is something about putting yourself on camera that builds trust. Clients tell me that over time, as they post videos, they have people come up to them and say, “I feel like I already know you!” Or, “I felt like I knew you before you even came over!” Many people will check you out before they call you. People will watch two or three of your videos and get a warm and fuzzy feeling about you before they pick up the phone.


2. Brush up your branding.


The second way you can build trust is to work on your branding. What I mean by this is: make sure all your technicians have polos or shirts with your logo on them. Make sure your trucks are wrapped—I’m not talking overly wrapped, but I do mean more than just a magnetic sign. Consistent branding on your uniforms and vehicles makes you look more professional. When you look more professional, your customers feel more comfortable inviting you into their home than if you turn up in a ratty t-shirt and a weird unmarked white van.

If you need help with your branding or with things like a logo or embroidered shirts, let me know! I have great partners I can refer you to. These little touches go a long way towards making people feel comfortable investing thousands of dollars into your service.


3. Ask for reviews or testimonials.


Your customers can put reviews on Google or Facebook. One fantastic way to do reviews is to ask your clients to do a video testimonial. Sometimes my client will bring me to one of their job sites, and we will get a video testimonial from the homeowner. The great thing about video testimonials is that you can put these on YouTube and create a video playlist that just has video testimonials! When people are out there hunting for services, they won’t just find your reviews, they will also find your video testimonials!


Your Next Step


Of course, if you need help making the videos, give me a call! I will show up at your job site, film the videos, and post them to Facebook and YouTube for you. You focus on your trade, and I focus on showcasing you! Remember, when you market with Mario, you profit with Mario!


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