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4 Things to Include in Your Marketing Strategy for 2016

2016 marketing plan

We’ve come to the time of year when people are getting their business plans ready for the next quarter! Hopefully as you’re putting together your business plan, you’re putting together a marketing strategy as well. 

Here are four things to include in your marketing strategy for 2016, to make it better than 2015!

1. Social media.

You need to have a social media strategy! This is not a matter of preference any more. You have to have a social media strategy in today’s marketplace. Every business is different so which social media platforms you need to be on depends on your industry, but I do recommend that you have some kind of social media presence going into 2016. Your customers expect it.

2. Make good use of email.

Set up email campaigns so that you’re following up and emailing out to your email list. I’m not just talking about blasting your email list with all your offers and services; I’m talking about giving them value. Whatever industry you’re in—if you’re a personal trainer, maybe it’s “Three Things That You Can Do To Eat Healthier At Work” or something of that nature. People check their email every day, so why not be showing up there?

3. Videos.

You want to do short videos. The power of video is it allows people to get to know your personality, to get to know you. In fact I just had a phone call the other day where someone has been following my YouTube videos, and when they called me they said that they already felt like they knew me from all of my videos! So put yourself out there on camera! I know sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but I can guarantee you it pays off because when you meet someone in person and they’ve watched all your videos, the rapport is already there from their perspective, because they feel like they already know you.

4. Blogging.

You need to have some kind of a blog going into 2016. I always tell people to blog at the frequency at which you can be consistent. What I mean by that is, if you can keep up with it weekly, do it weekly! If you can’t, then do it monthly, or bi-monthly, whatever you can manage. But what you don’t want to do is start sending out a blog every day, and then stop because you’re busy. If you’re inconsistent you will lose your follower base. 

Your clients and customers will give you the topics, like we’ve talked about before. Whatever questions you get on a day to day basis, that is what you should be blogging about! That’s the information your audience wants to hear!

If you need any help putting together a game plan for any of these strategies that we talked about, let me know! That’s what I do, I meet with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them tighten up their online marketing efforts. So if you need a consultation, let me know! I hope this helps you make your 2016 a lot better than your 2015!

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