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5 Things That Make Your Home Repair Business Look Cheap

5 Things That Make Your Business Look Cheap

5 Things That Make Your Home Repair Business Look Cheap


Let’s get right into it!



1. You’re constantly asking for business on Facebook.



We all know you’re trying to attract customers who are looking for quality, not just the lowest price. That’s why we’re writing this blog post. But when every post on your social media is a sales post asking for business, and/or constantly discounting your prices and offering coupons, this makes your business sound desperate, needy, and cheap.


Instead, post content that is educational. This might be pictures or videos—and this kind of content is something I can help you out with.


2. You have a Gmail account as your business email.


This is the second thing that makes your business look cheap. You should always have some kind of info@ or contact@ followed by your actual web domain for your business website.  If you have a Gmail account, your business looks cheap. I hate to break this to you, but it’s true!


3. You have a bad website.


By this I mean it takes forever to load, or it’s one page, or it looks like you built it overnight. If you put together a website really fast just to throw something together, your business looks cheap. Invest in your website. People who are willing to pay for quality are absolutely going to be checking out your website. It needs to look good, it needs to load quickly, and it needs to look good and be functional on a mobile device.



4. You’re using magnets on your trucks.


Let me be very clear here: I’m not suggesting that you go overboard and get these crazy wraps that make your truck look really loud. If you’re overly wrapped … well, you know how that really loud guy is always the most insecure guy? Go for something subtle instead. But we started off talking about magnets, right? The reason magnets look so cheap is that it’s very hard to put them on straight. If you are a contractor and you have a crooked magnet, it just makes your whole operation look a little janky. In fact, I would even opt to have your truck blank instead of having a magnet. But the best idea is to invest in someone to put your logo and maybe your phone number on your truck in a more subtle way.



5. The phone number on your website and social media is your personal cell phone number.


People should not be able to reach you directly. You should have someone else answer the phone. If you are a one-person operation that’s okay—there are several businesses that offer phone answering services. This gives you more of a perception of being a quality company because the owner is not answering the phone. But also, you as the owner cannot pick up all the phone calls! And if you miss a phone call in the business, it’s death. You have to have some kind of answering service to always answer your phones. Ideally, you’d have a team member answer the phones for you, but regardless, it cannot be you who is the direct line of communication. This definitely sends a signal that your business is probably going to give out the cheaper bids.


These are all my opinions. You can roast me if you want to! But I promise you that making these little tweaks will help you attract a higher-end customer.



If you want to attract high-end customers



If you do need help with the video part of this process—I love shooting videos for my clients! I meet them at their job site, I shoot videos of them doing the work, I post the videos to their Facebook page and their YouTube channel. This really helps to show off the quality of their business, and it shows homeowners why their bids may be a little more expensive than others.


So if you’re doing any of those 5 things, stop making your business look cheap! I can help you with the videos, but I also have contacts in truck wrapping, phone answering services, IT, and high-quality websites. Hit me up! I’d love to help you with those videos!

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