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5 Vehicle Wrap Design Tips For Contractors

 Vehicle Wrap Design Tips

5 Vehicle Wrap Design Tips For Contractors

Today I want to talk about vehicle wraps. And more specifically, truck wraps for home services like lawn care or plumbing, etc. If you’re reading this and you’re not one of those types of businesses, this information will still help you if you do decide to wrap your vehicle.

But first, a disclaimer: I am not an expert in vehicle wraps! So I’m giving you the perspective of a normal guy. I’m looking at wraps from the point of view of someone like me—does the marketing work on me, does it make me pick up the phone and call the company? If you are looking for an expert on vehicle wraps, a professional, I highly recommend Mike Napurano with NovoWorks. He is the king when it comes to wrap marketing! 

So here are some tips that I, an everyday guy, think are important for wrapping your vehicle to generate phone calls and leads:

1. Put your actual phone number on your vehicle:

Here’s what I mean: Back in the day, we used to have numbers like 555-555-LAWN. Now, very seldom do we have to actually dial a phone number anymore. I hate to say it, but we’ve become so lazy and so dependent on Siri and things like that, that actually having to decode the word LAWN on our phones will frustrate people enough that they won’t call you. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! So list out your number in numbers, instead of having your phone number spell a word. 

2. Make sure you have your company logo on your truck:

If you don’t have a logo, get one made. You need this for brand recognition. You want people to see your logo and think, “Oh, yeah, I know those guys!” When I go to the gym I always wear my Market With Mario t-shirt, and I always have people ask me about it. I met a realtor the other day and she said, “Oh yeah! I’ve seen your ads online! I recognize that logo!” People will remember your brand and your logo, and when they see you on Facebook or your website, they’ll be familiar with your logo and will remember you. 

3. Don’t forget your website URL:

A great place for this is on the tailgate or on the back. This way when you’re at a stoplight, people won’t necessarily call you right then but they may want to check out your website or jot it down to visit later. Sometimes people will use that moment to take a picture of your website URL. And let’s face it—when we are at a stoplight, we are on our phones. No one sits there at a stoplight and listens to the radio anymore! People check their phones every chance they get and hopefully, they’re putting it away before we start to drive again. 

4. Don’t forget your social media icons, either:

Whatever you’re active on, Facebook, Twitter, etc., put those icons on your truck. But! Only put them on there if you are actually active on those platforms. If I’m behind you at a stoplight and I see the Facebook icon, I might think, “Cool, I’m going to check them out on Facebook.” But if I do that and you haven’t posted since 2012, there’s no reason for me to follow you. So if you’re going to announce your presence on these social media platforms by putting their icons on your truck, make sure you are active on them consistently, so people have an actual reason to start following your company!

5. Make sure your wrap is done professionally:

This is important. Invest some money to get your wrap done right. I don’t want you to skimp money on this. I’m not talking about the company that can’t yet afford to do a wrap or the one where you just have a magnet on your truck instead of a full wrap (if you go with a magnet, please make sure it’s at least straight). If you’re not ready for a wrap yet, that’s okay. But if you’re going to do one, spend the money to do it right.

You don’t want a wrap that’s done lazily, so that it’s falling off, or it’s crooked, because if you’re coming into my home to do some kind of contract work and you’re not willing to pay attention to those types of details, what other corners are you going to cut when you’re in my home? That’s what people will think. So I’m not saying that you have to go out and get a Range Rover or a Hummer and get it totally wrapped, spending thousands of dollars. (And that might send the opposite signal—that your services may be too expensive!) But hiring a company like NovoWorks to do a professional wrap job just says that your company is willing to put dollars into presenting a professional image. That makes me feel that they’re a company that is going to be reputable. Again, it’s all about what people think of your brand before they even pick up the phone.

Again, you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money, and you don’t have to do it if you’re not able to or don’t want to. But if you’re going to get a wrap, get it done right! Think about the image you’re projecting!

I hope these tips help! And if you’re thinking that you really want to step up your game and get some wraps on your trucks and get some more recognition, it really does help! And in most industries, all it takes is one phone call to pay for a professionally-done wrap.

If you’ve had success with other branding initiatives on your truck wraps, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

If you do have social media icons on your truck, but need help posting consistently, we can help!


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