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Client Testimonial-Warrior Wolf Contractors


Garrett Blakley with Warrior Wolf Contractors shares his testimonial of why he values our services.


We started off as a small business in 2019. I was doing all my own social media and videos. I didn’t have any kind of email platform, newsletter, YouTube channel, or anything like that.

I’ve known Mario Wilson of Market With Mario for quite some time as a friend. I knew he did this kind of marketing. In fact, I used him for my previous company. But then I thought I’d try to save some cash and do my social media marketing myself.

Social media marketing sounds easy, but I quickly realized two things: I don’t have time for it, and I’m not nearly as good at it as someone who does it all day every day!

So I called Mario. We talked, and he came up with a business plan with pricing that fit my budget. Of course, I was a little nervous about the budget part, but at the same time, it was one huge headache I no longer had to worry about!

Now Mario runs all our social media: our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, our newsletters—everything. He makes it easy for us. He has a couple of other people he works with and they make everything happen so that I don’t have to mess with social media anymore!

The Best Types of Pictures to Post on Social Media

best types of pictures for social media

Today let’s talk about the best pictures to post on social media, specifically on Facebook.

If you’ve been following my channel, you probably already know what I’m going to say: I’m going to tell you to post pictures that include your people. This means your technicians, your admins—anyone in your business. Post pictures of everyone who feels comfortable being photographed. (The more people you have in your pictures the better, but we will never force anyone to have their picture taken and posted.)

Imagine that a potential customer finds your Facebook page. Will they see stock photos and images of things, or will they see your employees? Seeing pictures of your actual employees builds trust with your potential customers. They feel like they know you before they ever call you.

There are two types of shots I like to get with my clients. (And remember, you don’t need expensive camera equipment to take your social media pictures. Your iPhone will work fine!)

1. Action shots.


Take pictures of your team on the job. If you are a plumbing company, these will be pictures of your plumbers fixing a toilet or faucet. The important thing is to have your people in the shot. Anyone can post a picture of a toilet or sink—that’s boring. You might take a picture of your technician holding up a broken or worn-out part that needs replacing. Or, you might take an action shot of them doing the work. Either way, make sure your people are in the shot.

2. Hero shots.


The second shot is what I call the “hero shot.” I love these shots because they create a warm and fuzzy feeling. They show off your company’s culture. I like to get the technician in front of their truck (which is, hopefully, wrapped) and have them smile and give a thumbs-up. This shows your technician is proud of a job well done and proud of fixing your customer’s problem. Hero shots are great branding shots.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get the “hug on the doorstep” shot. This is where the homeowner is willing to be in the shot. You can get a great picture of the customer standing side by side with your technician. This is as good as it can get because it shows that your customer is happy with your service.

Remember, when you take pictures for Facebook, the action shot and the hero shot show off your employees and build trust with your customers. Anyone can post stock photos. That’s boring. What separates your business is your people, so put your people in your marketing!

Google Business Profile Tips For Home Service Contractors

Google Business Profile Tips

Google Business Profile Tips For Home Service Contractors


Today we are going to talk about Google Business Profile.


Previously this was called Google My Business. When you Google your business name, it should bring up a business profile that shows exterior and interior pictures and provides information like your address, phone number, and website. 


And that’s handy. It’s nice. But of course, you want your listing to do more than display your information. You want this business listing to get people to call you or click through to your website. Here are some ways to optimize your Google Business Profile to make that happen. 


  1. Fill everything out completely. I know this sounds like basic advice, but you’d be surprised by how many people do not fill in all their information! When we first started, we had to fill out this information for many of our clients because they had not done it themselves. You want to make sure you’ve filled in all your contact and business information, but also that you’ve provided categories and descriptions for your business. This is something we can take care of for you if you would like some help.


  1. Put up some photos. Add pictures of your team members and completed projects to the photos area of your listing. If you have a physical location you can add pictures of your office. But most importantly, include people. When you look at your competition, you’ll see that all their listings look the same because they all post pictures of their projects. When you add your people in there with the projects, your listing stands out. People make a connection with the people in your pictures. There is something psychological and emotional that happens when you put your team members in your Google listing. Plus, when you use tools like Google Business Profile and YouTube consistently, Google rewards you in its search engine! Take advantage of this by posting pictures. Don’t just do it once—do it often.


  1. Make Google Posts. A Google Post is similar to adding pictures to your listing, except that you can add captions like you can in a social media post. You can also add a call to action button such as a booking button, or a button that clicks through to your website.



Your Next Step



Take advantage of this free tool from Google! It will help you with your search engine ranking. It will help you with your branding. If you need help with this, we would love to work with you! We can help fill out your Google Profile information. We show up at your job site to take the pictures for you. We take videos to put on Facebook and YouTube. 


Give us a call! We’d love to sit down with you to learn more about your business. Remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario! 


3 Ways General Contractors Can Build Trust Online

ways general contractors can build trust online


A home improvement contractor’s first job is to gain the client’s trust. You need your customers to open their doors and invite you into their homes. They will only do this if they trust you.

I am going to give you 3 ways general contractors can build trust online:


1. Shoot and post videos.


You knew I was going to say this! There is something about putting yourself on camera that builds trust. Clients tell me that over time, as they post videos, they have people come up to them and say, “I feel like I already know you!” Or, “I felt like I knew you before you even came over!” Many people will check you out before they call you. People will watch two or three of your videos and get a warm and fuzzy feeling about you before they pick up the phone.


2. Brush up your branding.


The second way you can build trust is to work on your branding. What I mean by this is: make sure all your technicians have polos or shirts with your logo on them. Make sure your trucks are wrapped—I’m not talking overly wrapped, but I do mean more than just a magnetic sign. Consistent branding on your uniforms and vehicles makes you look more professional. When you look more professional, your customers feel more comfortable inviting you into their home than if you turn up in a ratty t-shirt and a weird unmarked white van.

If you need help with your branding or with things like a logo or embroidered shirts, let me know! I have great partners I can refer you to. These little touches go a long way towards making people feel comfortable investing thousands of dollars into your service.


3. Ask for reviews or testimonials.


Your customers can put reviews on Google or Facebook. One fantastic way to do reviews is to ask your clients to do a video testimonial. Sometimes my client will bring me to one of their job sites, and we will get a video testimonial from the homeowner. The great thing about video testimonials is that you can put these on YouTube and create a video playlist that just has video testimonials! When people are out there hunting for services, they won’t just find your reviews, they will also find your video testimonials!


Your Next Step


Of course, if you need help making the videos, give me a call! I will show up at your job site, film the videos, and post them to Facebook and YouTube for you. You focus on your trade, and I focus on showcasing you! Remember, when you market with Mario, you profit with Mario!


How Often Should I Upload Videos On YouTube?

 How Often Should I Upload Videos On YouTube?

You’ve heard that it will help your business to have a YouTube channel. Once you’ve made your account, what do you do? How often should you upload videos? I’ve had a couple of people call me lately to ask whether they should make and upload videos once a month or so, or whether they should shoot several videos at once and upload them all at once.



Should I Upload a Bunch at One Time?



The idea behind uploading several videos at once is that then when customers visit your YouTube channels they will see a lot of content. This is true. However, all of those videos will have only one or two views each. Your viewers will also be able to see that the videos were all uploaded within a short time frame. Not only that, but if you filmed the videos in a single day or over one weekend, they will probably all look the same.


This doesn’t make for a terribly interesting channel.


Be Consistent



I find that videos work best if you upload consistently. How often you upload videos doesn’t matter as much as keeping up with a consistent schedule. If you can only do one a month, then upload one a month. If you can realistically keep up with one a day, then do one a day. Whatever frequency is doable for you on a regular basis, do that. You know your business, and you know yourself well enough to know what you can keep up with.


The strategy behind an effective YouTube channel is similar to the strategy behind getting in shape. It takes consistency. You can’t just do your leg workout for 2-3 hours a day for a week and expect to see the results you’re going for! Instead, you have to do your workout consistently once a week, along with eating right, and over time you will reach the results you want.


When you upload your videos consistently over time, your customers will get to know you better. They will see you in a variety of settings, doing a variety of things, and they will know that you are consistent and reliable. This will build you a client base that gets you the results you want.

What I Do With My Clients




I do a monthly video shoot with my clients. I like to film them at different locations and in different settings, doing different types of projects. This way even if they’re wearing the same thing in each video (many of us wear uniforms), the videos have variety. When I upload these new videos every month, customers see that my clients are active and consistent, out there doing their fantastic work.


If you can make and upload videos more often than once a month, that’s great! Just remember to do as many as you can consistently, and avoid a situation in which you upload a bunch of videos and then stop. This makes clients think that you’re not active anymore.


Your Next Step


Do you like the idea of a YouTube channel but don’t have time, or don’t want to handle it yourself? This is what I do! I’d love to sit down with you to talk about how I can help grow your business through a consistent, active YouTube channel.