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Why Your Business Needs Social Proof

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Why Your Business Needs Social Proof

What is social proof?


Just like it sounds, it’s proof that your business does what you say it will do. As business owners, we can talk all day long about how great we are, and make all these promises. That’s easy to do!


But what are other people saying about your business? This is where social proof comes in. The “social” part here is social media, of course. What are people saying about you online?

Starts With Service


Obviously, the first step in having a good reputation is to offer a great service. After that, I have found that the more active you are on social media the more people will talk about you! Social media is the new word of mouth—we don’t talk with our mouths so much anymore so much as with our fingers, online.


What My Clients Have Experienced



What I’ve noticed with my clients is that when we’re posting videos and pictures on social media, people tend to comment on them. They leave comments like “They did a great job!” It gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling about your business. Yes, people may find your business on Google, but that’s not enough. These days people check you out before they decide to do business with you. They check out your Facebook page. They look to see what your reviews are there, what your employees look like. They go through your videos. When they do this they know that it’s not just that you say you do a great job, they can see that you do it! You’re not just saying you do fantastic landscaping projects, you can back that up showing off the ones you’ve actually done! This is proof that you actually do the work you say you do.



How I Show Off My Clients’ Work



This is why I go to my clients’ locations to take pictures and make videos. One of my clients is a remodeling company, so I go to their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and show off the work. This way their clients know they don’t just say they do amazing bathroom remodels, they can see the proof with their own eyes! We do before and after pictures, which shows off the whole scope of their abilities and the quality of their work.


So get out your cameras! Take some before and after pictures. Make some videos of your projects! You’ll love the results!


Your Next Step


If you’re thinking, “Okay Mario, this sounds great but I don’t have the time!” Or maybe you don’t know how to post these things, or you just don’t want to. That’s okay! We can handle that for you. If you want more people to believe the promises that you’re making, and get ahead with social proof, I’d love to help you with that! Just shoot us an email at We’d love to sit down with you and show you how we can help your business grow!

Why You Should Be Email Marketing This Summer

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Why You Should Be Email Marketing This Summer


Hello, Business Owners! Today let’s talk about marketing in the summertime. Summer is here! We’re all busy with vacations and pools and having fun! But people are still paying attention to their homes—in fact, summer is a big time for home repairs and upgrades. This is the perfect time for you to be thinking about how you can help your customers with their home repairs and upgrades. 

Today I want to specifically focus on email marketing for summer, and why it’s so important!



Repeat Customers



Let’s say you’re a landscaping company or a company that provides outdoor living services. Maybe last winter you helped someone build a covered patio, or put an extension on their patio. Now that it’s summer, maybe that same customer wants to add a gazebo or a deck. If you have continued to stay in contact with these customers you’ve done business with in the past, you’re going to get their repeat business now. 

Maybe you own a garage door company, and you helped someone out last winter when their garage door was frozen. If you got their email address at the time, now is when you can send them emails about home automation, so that they can go on their summer vacation and use an app to make sure their garage door is lowered and stays that way. 

The key is to think about ways to remarket your services to people who already know, like and trust your business. Email marketing is a great way to do this!


What To Do If You Don’t Have Time For Email Marketing



For business owners who think, “Yeah, that sounds great, but when am I going to have time to do that?” We know that running your business takes all your time, especially if you’re out in the field as well. That’s where we come in! We can help you put your email list together, and create content to send out to your list on a monthly basis. Email marketing is the number one lead generator for our clients! If you’re not using your email list, you’re losing money every single month from people who already know your business and how great your services are! 

All you have to do is send helpful emails out every month and you’re going to get repeat customers again and again!

Hope this helps! We’d love to help you get the most out of your marketing!


Why You Need Word of Finger Marketing

word of finger marketing

Why You Need Word of Finger Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about “word of finger” marketing. 

You’re probably thinking, “Word of finger marketing? What on earth is that?”

“Word of Mouth” Has Changed


It’s a play on “word of mouth” marketing, as you probably figured out. If you ask most business who have been around for a while and who work mainly on referrals, you’ll probably hear them say that they get a lot of business through word of mouth. That’s usually the number one referral source. 


But let’s think about this. It’s 2019. How are people actually talking? We’re not talking as much with our voices anymore, in phone calls or face to face. Many of our conversations now are happening with our fingers! We’re texting more. We’re messaging more. We are sharing posts on social media, and typing up Facebook statuses and making tweets and Instagram posts. Yes, people are going to talk about your business, but the old school way of walking down and talking to your neighbors doesn’t happen as much as it used to. It does still happen, but not as frequently as people are talking online. 


Can People Find Your Business On Facebook?


Think about your business, and whether you have a “word of finger” marketing strategy. If someone wants to share your Facebook page, do you have a Facebook page to share? If you do have a Facebook page do you have content that’s relevant for people to share with their fingers, and spread the word? 

The number one feedback my clients give me within the first couple of months of hiring us is that they see the referrals go through the roof. Why is that? Well, it’s because we’re posting videos and pictures and blog posts on their Facebook pages, and we’re giving their current customer base a reason to share their content. They share with their fingers, not necessarily with their mouths. 

Yes, you are still getting a lot of “word of mouth” traffic, but the mouth is now our fingers because we are now commenting, sharing, liking things, and giving people the recommendation for your business online. 


Your Next Step


If you need any help keeping up with your social media strategy to make sure that your business is at your customers’ fingertips, not just the tips of their tongue, contact me! Let’s meet up and see how we can best position your business online so you can take advantage of “word of fingers” marketing!



How To Increase The ROI on Direct Mail Campaigns

direct mail campaign

How To Increase The ROI on Direct Mail Campaigns


Today we’re going to be talking about mailers, and how they’re not dead. 

I’m going to start with a shameless plug for my church, Church Eleven32. I got a mailer from them the other day about our Easter celebration, and it was a great example of how mailers still work. 


Include Icons To Social Media Accounts On The Mailer


If you own a business I recommend you send out mailers, and I recommend that you send out mailers like this one. What makes this one a good mailer? For one thing, they have their social media icons clearly displayed. This lets everyone know that they can find them and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You need to have your social media on your mailer because most people these days will check out your business online before they ever call you. 



Make Sure You Have Current Content On Your Social Media Accounts



Not only do you need to have your social media icons on your print media, but you need to make sure that when your potential clients (or in this case, church members) go to your social media pages, you have good content there ready for them. That’s what I do! I make sure that when people check out your Facebook page, Instagram page, website, or whatever you have, it’s updated with great content! That’s what pulls people in. If you go to Church Eleven32’s website you will see great content—great pictures, videos, etc. That’s what drew me to our church! 

We live in a digital age, but people still check their snail mail every day. The two work together. If you send out mailers and you have great content on your social media, you’re going to get a great return on your investment. 

So make sure you’re sending out mailers, but make sure that when you do you have your social media icons on them and that you have great content to back your mailer up!




And if you don’t have plans for Easter check out Church Eleven32 in Prosper, Wylie or Allen! All the information is on their website,

Why You Should Stop Discounting Your Services

why you should stop discounting your services

Why You Should Stop Discounting Your Services


All right, business owners! Let’s go over three reasons I highly recommend that you stop discounting your services. 


1. Discounting leads to upset customers.


Let’s say you have an outdoor living company and you build outdoor kitchens and gazebos, or you have a pool company and build nice luxury pools. You have a great customer who purchases a nice pool or outdoor kitchen from you. Then next month you run a special to give a discount on those services. The customer who bought from you last month is going to be upset! They don’t want to have paid more for the same product. Many of your clients may want to use you again for different projects—maybe this year they had you build an outdoor kitchen but next year they plan to put in some landscaping and a gazebo. If these customers find out that other customers got the same product for a discount, they may think twice before offering you their repeat business. If these customers have been with you for years they will be especially upset if they didn’t get in on the discount. 

My tagline is “When you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario.” I am focused on profitability for my clients. That’s what all of my social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging is aimed at. I’m trying to make my clients more profitable. By reducing your prices you’re not helping your bottom line profitability. But more importantly, you’re upsetting your customers who paid full price.


2. Once a discount customer, always a discount customer.


I say this often. Once you start offering discounts you are not going to have people use you again unless they can get another discount. You’re training people to only buy from you when you have certain offers available! This cheapens your service. 

When I look at branding a client I want people to choose you regardless of price. As they check out your social media and your website, I want them to understand the difference. I want them to think, “Wow! We can see why they’re a little bit more expensive than the other companies.” We want to build that value that helps people see why they should spend more money with you. If you offer discounts it devalues your high-end quality service. 


3. Discount work gets you discount referrals.


People hang out with people just like them. If you have someone who is only looking for bargains, the cheapest price, the best discounts, they’re going to know people who are looking for the same things. What kind of customers do you think they will refer to you? They are going to refer people just like them. This sets up a continuous stream, a domino effect, of people always calling you up looking for a cheaper price, a discount, a deal, as opposed to people who understand the quality of your work and are willing to pay full price. You’ll get more people looking for deals, and then they’ll refer you to people looking for more deals.

I recommend that you charge what you think you’re worth and have your online reputation back that up. Post before and after pictures and videos. Blow up your social media. Show people why you’re different!


Your Next Step


If you need help with that, that’s what we do! We help with your Facebook branding, email marketing, and blogging so that you can charge what you’re worth and put more money into your bottom line!