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How to Improve Audio Quality in Video

how to improve audio quality in video

How to Improve Audio Quality in Video


Okay, Home Repair Contractors! Let’s talk a little bit about audio quality—more specifically, how to improve the audio quality in your videos. I’m going to give you three quick tips for how you can make sure you have the best sound possible in your videos. Nothing will kill a video faster than bad audio! If your videos are full of crackling wind, or background noise, or if your voice can’t be heard over static or interference—no one is going to bother with trying to watch your videos.


1. Use a microphone.


Make sure that you have some kind of microphone other than a standard camera microphone, or your phone microphone. I shoot all of my videos with my iPhone because it makes good quality videos. But if you look closely at my videos you can see that I’m wearing a little lapel microphone. When I film clients I use a little BOYA shotgun mic I got off of Amazon that I can plug right into my iPhone. I highly recommend that you use something like this because these microphones will cancel out other sounds and wind. And let’s face it—home repair contractors are typically filming outdoors where you will have to deal with wind! Make sure that you are investing in a lapel mic or some kind of add-on mic.


2. Watch your volume.


You can easily adjust the sound volume of your video in the iMovie app. If you find that you don’t project your voice well, you can raise the volume there before you upload the video to either Facebook or YouTube.



3. Control your environment.


The lapel and shotgun microphones will cancel out a lot of wind, but they can’t fix everything. If you shoot on a very windy day you will still get audio interference. If you do shoot on a super windy day people may find your video just too hard to listen to, and turn it off. If you can, choose a nice, calm day for your video shoot!

Your Next Step


If you’re thinking, “Gosh, these are great tips, but I don’t want to go out and buy these products. I don’t want to do any of this myself. Can you just do this for me?” Absolutely! I would love to talk with you about doing videos like this for your Facebook page and your email list. If that sounds interesting to you, email me at!

How Long Your Videos Should Be

how long your videos should be


Okay Home Repair Contractors, one question I’ve been getting a lot from clients and prospective clients is, “How long should my videos be?”


It Doesn’t Matter


I’m going to give you a pretty shocking answer: It doesn’t matter!


Now, we can’t be putting out 10- or 15-second videos. That’s crazy. But as far as a perfect amount of time, such as a minute, or exactly two or three minutes—no!


Instead of focusing on time, it’s more important to focus on your content. Are you helping people with your video?


A Client Example


We just shot a video for our sprinkler repair company client. It was just over four minutes long. If you read a lot of blog posts about how to do social media the “right” way, they’ll tell you that videos should be three minutes long or your audience will tune out. That’s just not the case, and it wasn’t the case for our client! If you have an interesting topic, the sound quality is good, and it’s something the homeowners care about (in this case the topic was “the best time to update your landscaping and tips on how to manage your sprinkler system to handle your updates”), people will watch.


Topic Is More Important Than Length


If you’re a plumber, you might do a video about why and how to flush your tankless water heater. Even if that video is a little long, customers who need and want this information will watch it.


The topic is so much more important than the length! If you focus on length, it will be obvious that your video is just there to meet an algorithm or a guideline.


Speak from your heart, get a really good topic that your audience will care about, and get out there and film! Your videos will be more genuine, and more authentic. (Speaking of authentic, if you watch the video I just made where I talk about this, you can see my daughter running through the background!)


Your Next Step


So don’t put any effort or thought into trying to get your video length to match some idea of the “right” amount of time. Focus on helping your audience. When you do that, people are going to share and like your videos!

Hidden Branding Tips For Home Repair Contractors

How To Market Your Home Repair Business During COVID-19

Hidden Branding Tips For Home Repair Contractors


Today I want to talk about 3 hidden parts of your brand. If you are a home repair contractor, these are the 3 things you are probably overlooking.


When I say “brand,” I’m not just talking about the definition of what people say about your company or your brand when you’re not around. I’m also talking about how people feel when they research your company, how they feel before they call you.


1. How people contact you


The first one is how people contact you, and how you schedule appointments. Nowadays many people want an option to fill out a form, or go ahead and book their service online, or message a Facebook page. If you’ve followed my videos or blog for any amount of time, you know that I’ve always said that we love to use our phones for everything, except making a phone call!


Obviously, you have to have some way for people to call you on a phone. But I want you to take some time to think about the different ways the companies can perceive an inquiry. People are busy, and they want to reach out quickly for that first contact. It’s vital to make sure that someone is monitoring your Facebook page and the info@ email address for your website. Think about looking into some booking or scheduling software, in which all of that can be done without someone having to pick up the phone. If you have things set up for people to call you if they prefer to call, you absolutely must have someone available to answer the phone. It is death in the service industry to have your phone go to voicemail! You must have some kind of system in place for someone to answer your phone, every time.


2. How customers pay you


Yes, this is a hidden part of your brand, something you might easily overlook! I have an incredible lawn fertilization company that helps with my yard. They leave me an invoice on the doorstep, and my only option to pay that invoice is to physically write a check and go to the post office. I would so much prefer it if they would just keep my credit card on file and bill me, or if I could go online to pay it.


You may still accept checks and cash, and that’s fine. But also think about clients who do everything through their debit and credit cards, or who prefer to pay online. The less friction, the fewer steps someone has to take to pay you, the better! Yes, you may have fees with online payments, but you have to figure that into your cost of business and your pricing. But you should be all about how you can make people want to use your company over and over again and to refer you over and over again, and ease of payment plays into that.


3. Your online presence


I’m not just talking about posting on Facebook. I’m talking about having an actual conversation with people through your online presence. I mentioned this earlier but let’s take Facebook Messenger as an example. If someone messages your page, what are they going to get back in return? Is your page a ghost town? If someone fills out your online form, how many days does it take you to respond to them?


If you’ve been in business long enough, you know that most people buy with their gut, not with their mind. Someone who is willing to pay a little bit more is not just going to go to Google, call in, get the three first bids, and pick the cheapest one. They’re checking out your brand. They’re checking out your Facebook presence and going through your website. They want to make absolutely, positively sure they can trust your company. They want to feel confident that they can trust you going into their home. If you don’t have an active online presence you won’t be able to give them that comfortable feeling.


That’s where I come in. I love to show off your company and your brand with videos, pictures, nurturing emails, and all the things that will help customers know that they can trust you.



To recap, keep these three things in mind when you’re thinking about your brand: How can people contact you? Can they contact you in the way that they prefer? Is it easy for people to pay you in the way you prefer? And how do they feel about your brand when they research you online?


I hope these tips help, and I hope they not only help you to get more customers but better customers—the ones who are willing to pay for the quality of your service, and not just the cheapest bid.

How Home Repair Contractors Can Grow Their Email List

how home repair contractors can grow their email list

How To Grow Your Email List


Home Repair Contractors—I want to remind you that there is gold in your email lists!


I was just reminded of this myself. We sent out an email for our window treatment company two weeks ago. Based on that email a lead came through. They filled out our form and said, “You helped us with our plantation shutters before, and now we’re interested in getting window treatments for the nursery.”


Email marketing is a great way to get repeat business for people who already know you, like you and trust you. You’re not dealing with price haggling. You’re not dealing with two or three bids. The customer who filled out this form was done, and ready to go! This is basically free money! How much money are you leaving on the table by not using your email list?


I want to give you three things you can do to grow your email list:


1. Use a CRM.


The first thing you can do is to have a CRM. You should all have a CRM to follow up with leads. When someone calls in to request information, you should be getting, at minimum, their name, phone number, and email address. Whether they go with you or not, having their email address gives you a great way to follow up with them in the future. Make sure you are capturing that information!


2. Excel Spreadsheet.


Some of our clients are still on spreadsheets. And that’s okay! If you’re still on Excel spreadsheets there is no problem with that. You can still capture this information. Having a system is better than not having a system! My clients will add their customer’s email address to their spreadsheet, and then every month they send me their new list so that I can use it to grow their list.


It’s important to note here that all the email addresses we gather are voluntary. In every case, a customer or potential customer is voluntarily giving us their email addresses. We do not buy email lists. In fact, I have in my contract a clause that says you cannot send me a list that you paid for me to work with.


3. Use QuickBooks.


Some of our clients use QuickBooks to manage customer information. Whether their potential customers go with them or not, they send them the bid through QuickBooks. Every month they can export that spreadsheet, send it to me, and then I can use that for their marketing. This is a great way to send out an email campaign to people that are already familiar with your company.


Repeat business is through the roof! In terms of opportunity cost, how much money are you losing every single month simply by not sending emails to people who have already done business with you before?


Let’s use an example of a landscaping company. Maybe you did an outdoor kitchen for them last year. This year they might want a gazebo or pergola. If you’re a moving company and you moved someone three years ago, they may need to move again this year. You can harness this repeat business by using your email lists.


So think about your email lists! These are just a few ways you can grow your email lists and get them into the hands of a qualified marketing person. (Like us!)


If you need help with this, I’d love to put a strategy together for you and your business. My name is Mario Wilson with Market With Mario. Always remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario!

How Often Home Repair Contractors Should Post on Facebook

How Often Home Repair Contractors Should Post on Facebook


Okay home repair contractors, today let’s talk about how often you should be posting on your Facebook page!


Don’t Post Too Much!


When I first started out managing social media for Facebook pages I thought you had to post every day. But what I’ve found is that it was too much for a home repair or home services business to do. If you’re in retail or if you have a restaurant you really do need to be posting every day because you can do daily specials and daily deals and things like that. But let’s face it: we don’t really need a toilet or A/C repair every day.


Post When You Have Something Important To Say


Think about this, too: We all have those people in our lives that don’t often say something, so when they do we kind of lean in and listen to what they have to say because it’s important. If you are posting too much, your clients might start to think that nothing you’re posting is very important.


Weekly Posts


This is why I’ve reduced my clients’ postings to weekly. That’s enough posting to stay in-sight, in-mind, and keep up your branding, but it’s not overkilling that leads people to tune you out. It’s enough time so that when you do post again, people realize it’s been a few days and is more likely to lean in to see what you have to say.


What About Videos?


This is important when it comes to videos, too. You only want to throw out a video every other week, or once a month. I do a monthly video because I’ve found that when I do post a video, people are interested to see what I’m going to talk about this time. I’ve found my views and my shares have gone up.


You don’t want to overdo your postings, but you also want to post consistently to keep your name in front of people!


Your Next Step



Think about this when you’re working on your Facebook posts. And if you’re thinking, “I don’t even have time to post weekly!” I would love to help you! I’ll go to your job site, shoot a video, take a couple of still pictures, and then I can spread those out over the month, post those for you, reply back to comments, and manage things like that.


If you have any questions, let me know. And remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario!