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Why You Should Talk About The Weather In Your Online Marketing

weather in online marketing


In Texas, we get some crazy weather! One minute it could be raining, and the next it could be bright and sunny. One minute it’s windy, the next it’s not. Then it’s hailing. One minute it’s freezing cold, the next it’s nice. If you’ve lived in Texas for a while, you know how this goes!

Because our weather is so changeable and crazy, we think you should talk about it in your online marketing. Here are three reasons why we think you should talk to your customers about the weather, especially when there’s a drastic change. 


1. Your business could help solve a weather-related problem.


For instance, if you run a garage door repair company and we have freezing weather that’s causing people’s garage doors to freeze up, you can offer a service to come help people out of their garages. If you’re a plumber and you see freezing weather on the horizon, people might rely on you to help them when their pipes freeze. At other times they might rely on you to help them with gas leaks. When the summer is heating up this is when an A/C repair company can be offering services to fix broken systems and get people’s houses cool again. Whatever you do, there’s usually some way to relate it to the weather. Even a window treatment company can talk about window treatments that insulate against summer heat or winter cold! 

Whatever your service is, you can use it to find a solution to the problems that whatever weather we’re having causes.

2. Your business could help to prevent a weather-related problem.



Let’s say you’re a landscaping company and it’s sunny all the time. You can offer solutions in the form of covered patios or pergolas to reduce some of that sun. A plumber can help prevent pipes from freezing, or if you work with attics you can talk about how good ventilation prevents problems with your house heating up in the summer. You may be able to offer maintenance programs to keep problems from happening. Think about how your business can help from a preventative standpoint.


3. Everyone is talking about the weather!


This is possibly the most important because most of what we do in social media marketing is branding: being in sight, in mind in a conversational and safe way. Well, guess what? Everyone is talking about the weather! If it rains, if it snows—when it’s super hot everyone takes pictures of their dashboard thermometers! When you talk about the weather you will be blending in with an existing conversation. This is really what consumers want! They don’t want a sales pitch. They want you as a brand, as a business, to blend into the conversations that are already trending. This is a great way for you to jump in on the water cooler talk!

Think about it like this: If your customers are at work and are talking about what crazy weather we’re having, you can blend right into that conversation. These water cooler conversations are now happening online. The internet is our giant water cooler! 

These are three reasons why your business should absolutely be paying attention to the weather and talking about it. Use the weather to offer solutions, offer preventive services like maintenance programs, and blend into the social conversation! After all, this is social media!


Your Next Step


If you need any help doing this from a content basis we would love to help you out with that! Go ahead and give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d love to meet with you! We are local to the McKinney area so we can come to you at your office and chat with you about your business. We’d love to see how we can help you! Remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario!

Why You Should Use Facebook For Recruiting Service Techs

Facebook for recruiting

Why You Should Use Facebook For Recruiting Service Techs


As you know, we primarily work with home repair and home service businesses, like garage door repair or A/C repair companies. Those of you who own these types of businesses are always looking for skilled technicians to hire, to help you with the lead flow and to help more people. 

Did you know that Facebook now has a jobs feature? I highly recommend this as a recruiting tool. I use it for my clients whenever they need to hire more people. All I need is for my client to write up a job description and I can take that to Facebook and help them find great people. 

Here are three reasons why I want you, as a home services contractor, to start using Facebook for recruiting.


1. It’s free!


If you have a Facebook business page you can create a job description in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to pay for it like you do on other platforms. I know small businesses are always trying to save as much money as they can, so take advantage of this free tool! 


2. It’s easy!


All you have to do is fill in the fields, and it generates the job description. I tell my clients to give me a detailed description of the job they’re trying to fill and then I fill in those fields for them. But it’s super easy for you to do, and just takes 10 minutes of your time.


3. It works!


We are seeing resumes come in through Messenger and email, and we’re getting quality technicians for our clients through this tool. To be quite candid, I don’t even know how it works! But it does work! Facebook has a way of finding people who are searching for the job title that our clients are trying to attract and brings them together. I don’t even care how it works—I just care that my clients are thrilled that I can help them find more team members through Facebook! 

If you think this sounds like a great tool but you want to spend your time working in the field and not trying to figure out Facebook, I’d love to help you out with that. That’s what I’m here for. If you’d like to set up a meeting to talk about your business and how I can help you with your online marketing, I’d love to add this to your mix to help you not only grow your business but to grow your team as well! 

Just click the link below. I’d love to help you!


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3 Reasons Home Repair Contractors Should Be On Instagram


Instagram for contractors

Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Hello, contractors!

Today we’re answering the question, should my business be on Instagram? 

The answer is … Yes! Absolutely!

More and more people are flocking to Instagram. Your potential customers are still on Facebook. They just get bored and want to try something new! So why should your business be on Instagram?


1. Your potential customers are there!


The number one reason you want to be on Instagram is that’s where your customer base is! Your customers are on Instagram, and they’re scrolling through their feeds. Whenever you think about marketing, you want to think about getting in front of people where they are. Whether you’re a plumber, you do garage door repair, you’re a landscaper—your clientele is absolutely on Instagram! No matter what your friends and family might tell you, the numbers don’t lie—your customers are on Instagram.


2. Hashtags give you more exposure for your business


On Instagram, you have the ability to be found without having to pay for it, by using hashtags. Lots of people will search locally to find out what’s going on in their city, whether that’s Allen, McKinney, Plano, or wherever you are. If you use those hashtags you can be found without anyone having to follow you! This is impossible on Facebook, where you have to pay for attention. But on Instagram, you can get more exposure for your business just by using hashtags.

I do want to caution you, however: Just because you put #mckinney or #frisco and say, “Call us today for your plumbing needs!” doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to get you the customers. You still have to lead with value and work on your brand to get people to come to you. But Instagram is explosive, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be on there for hashtag value alone. 


3. Get ahead of the curve!


This is where things are trending because Instagram keeps evolving. It’s always good to jump on where things are moving to! If someone were to ask you 10 years ago if you would ever be on Facebook, you would laugh because you wouldn’t have known what Facebook was. Now things are evolving towards Instagram, and you want to be ahead of the curve because there you’ll be the big fish in the small pond until the rest of your competitors catch up! 

If you need help managing your Instagram I’d love to help you out! We are currently looking for lawn care, garage door repair, and pest control clients. We only take on one business per industry, so if you fit one of those categories and could use some help, give me a call! If you don’t fit one of those categories and know a great lawn care company, garage door repair person or pest control company, I’d love a referral! 

Thanks for reading. Now, get on Instagram! And let me know if I can help you figure it out and get things moving!


The Opportunity Cost of Not Having a Social Media Strategy

opportunity cost of not having a social media strategy

The Opportunity Cost of Not Having a Social Media Strategy


Today I want to talk to you about the opportunity cost of not having a social media strategy for your home services business.

When I say “opportunity cost” I mean how much money you are losing every month and every year, simply by not having a presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc.


1. Missing Out on High-end customers.


When you don’t have a social media presence and strategy, you miss out on high-end customers. In other words, customers who are not simply looking for the cheapest plumber, or the lowest bid on a landscaping project. Those kinds of customers are absolutely going to check your social media for reviews, pictures of your work, how you respond to comments, etc. They’re going to do this before they ever call you. If you don’t have a Facebook page in 2018, they’re just not going to call you. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. The high-end customer wants to make sure that if they’re going to spend thousands of dollars, they’re going to do it with a business they trust; and they decide whether or not they trust you by what they see on your social media.


2. Missing Out on Reviews.


If you don’t have an online strategy, you’re not building reviews. Again, people who are looking for a quality contractor are absolutely going to check reviews. If you don’t have a Facebook page and you’re not optimizing your website for Google, you’re not going to get many reviews. The more reviews of people you have showing how awesome you are, the more higher-end customers you’re going to attract. 


3. Missing Out on Repeat Customers.


This is huge. If you don’t have a social media strategy you are losing money every month, every year, by not getting repeat customers. Repeat customers are the key to a thriving business! Let’s say you’re a plumber and you fix someone’s faucet or toilet. You have a great opportunity to get them to like your Facebook page or join your email list. Then you can re-market to them later for a tankless water heater, or other services that you may offer. Repeat customers are huge for your business! Any time you get a new customer, encourage them to like your Facebook page so that they can get the tips and valuable information you’re always sharing there. Encourage them to subscribe to your blog and get your emails. Down the road, they’re going to need a plumber again, and instead of them Googling or asking NextDoor to help them find a contractor, they’re going to remember you because you’ve been consistently keeping your name in front of them all year long.

These are three big areas where home contractors are losing money every single day simply because they don’t have a social media strategy.

If this spoke to you, and if you’re tired of losing money because you have no social media strategy, give me a call! I’d love to sit down with you briefly and learn more about your business and see how we can help you stop losing money and instead grow your business by attracting higher-end customers!


How To Respond To a Negative Online Review

How To Respond To a Negative Online Review

How To Respond To a Negative Online Review

If you’ve been in business long enough, you’re going to have some people who are not exactly thrilled with your services. So today I want to talk about how to handle it when you do get a negative online review.


1. Take a deep breath.


First of all, as the business owner, step back and take a deep breath! Don’t respond right away, at that moment. We business owners are passionate about wanting to make sure that our customers, our clients, are happy, and when we don’t meet that mark we tend to get defensive. Don’t respond to a negative review while your emotions are running high. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and give yourself some time, first. 

In fact, I recommend showing the review to a third party. I help my clients go over negative reviews to help them see how best to respond. I’m vested in my clients, of course, but I’m never going to be as passionate about the business as the business owner. This means I’m able to step back and see the review more objectively. Because I’m not as emotionally engaged in the review I’m able to help them formulate a calm, objective response. So always bounce it off a third party (a close friend, your marketing person, etc.) to get a more objective take on both the review and the response you plan to make to the review. 


2. Always respond.


Make sure you do respond! Many times negative reviews are a cry to the business to make things right. If you don’t respond, you’re telling the client that their problem doesn’t matter to you. But when you respond keep in mind that it’s not all about making that person happy. It’s about the hundreds or thousands of people who may see that review and your response. You want people to see that not only do you have a lot of great reviews, but when you do fall short of the mark you are responsive and big enough to come back and make the situation right. Sometimes this can do much more good for your business than even a lot of five-star reviews. You should definitely respond to every negative review you get! (Although hopefully there aren’t many!)


3. Follow up offline.


We recommend responding online and including a request that the customer call you (and leave your number) so that you can make things right with them. However you do it, definitely contact them offline to see what you can do to make the situation right. Whether you’re right or wrong, that’s not the issue; the issue is making sure your customer feels that they are heard and their problem is taken care of. Often they’ll go back and change their review based on your response here, and how you fixed their problem. 

Negative reviews are unfortunate and we don’t like to see them, but they’re the nature of business. But it’s how you respond to negative reviews that can turn the situation around, can change an unhappy customer back into a happy customer and show your potential customers that when you do fall short of the mark that you are willing to make it right!

If you need help managing your reviews or your online presence, that’s what I do for home service contractors! I would love to help you out. Click the link below if you’d like to have a free consultation to see how I can help you out with your business. Thank you!