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The Types of Videos Home Repair Contractors Should Post To Facebook

The Types of Videos Home Repair Contractors Should Post To Facebook

The Types of Videos Home Repair Contractors Should Post To Facebook

Okay, business owners! Today I want to talk to you about why it’s best to not have your video content planned and scripted in advance.


You Don’t Need Topics Planned


If you’ve been watching my content for a while, or if you’ve been a business owner for a while, you know that video is just as important of a marketing tool for your business as your social media accounts. When I talk to clients about videos they often get concerned about topics, and what we’re going to film. But you really don’t need to have your topics planned out in advance.


Before we get more deeply into this, I want to tell you that this is not my idea! I got this idea from Gary Vaynerchuk, who talks about “document, don’t create.”


I don’t like to tell my clients what we’re going to talk about. I much prefer to just show up at your job site and document what you’re doing. Here’s why:



1. Video should be a magnifying glass.


My job is to put a magnifying glass on what you’re already doing. I tell my clients that I don’t want anyone to feel like they hired a marketing company. I want it to feel like one of your own team members is on location filming you. You are already doing great work—your videos should just show that!


2. Don’t overthink it.


I don’t want you to overthink your topics. Many times when we have topics that we script out, it sounds scripted. It sounds more like a commercial. When we film to document what you’re actually doing the result is something very organic, which is received better by clients. If you’re a landscaping company and you just talk about a gazebo you’re putting together or a fence that you’re fixing, it’s going to be much more authentic. If I do prep with you and tell you all the important points to hit you’re going to sound like a robot. You’ll sound inauthentic, and you won’t get the effect you want out of the videos. (And remember, we are talking about short videos that document your style, not your professional videos for your website.)


3. People want raw videos, not a commercial.


They don’t want overly produced videos. You have to have a good microphone because you have to have quality sound, but people don’t want to see overlays of text and logos or a huge call to action at the end. You do want a call to action, but there’s a time and a place. When you’re a home repair contractor you can have the best video in the world, but if someone doesn’t need a repair at the time then it’s just another commercial. If you use your videos to show your real personality and your real team, and if you include some tips and value, then you’re using positive branding right there. This will get you results.


4. Show off your work.


When you document vs. create it’s proof that you’re actually doing the work. If you sit at your desk when you film one of these videos, that’s great. But if you’re on-site, filming at a different location every month, then it’s a way of showing people that you’re actually performing this service. Basically, proof that you have customers and actual jobs.


Your Next Step


So don’t overthink your videos. Don’t even come up with a topic in advance. Just film what your team and your crew is already doing! This will bring you the results you want.


I hope this helps. Now, get out there and film!

Why You Should Include People In Your Marketing

Why You Should Include People In Your Marketing


Today we’re going to talk about why you should put people in your marketing. And not just people, but your people! Your team, your employees … even your customers. Here’s why:


Your Team Makes The Difference


I’m a really big believer in the idea that people want to do business with people, not logos or brands or pictures you found on the internet. What separates you from those other companies? Besides your fantastic service and the quality of your work, what sets you apart is—your people.


We’ve got to stop using stock photos and canned photos, and even graphics we create on a local level. They do serve a purpose for different types of marketing, but for a local home repair or home service business there’s a lot of competition at the local level and you need something that will let you rise above the rest.


Your Customers Are Familiar With Your Team


When you use real pictures of your team people who know your employees are going to say, “Wow! I know her! She was instrumental in helping us out!” People are more likely to engage with that type of post and to share it. The more times that happens, the more referrals you get and the more you stay in mind when people need your services.


People like to see people, and they like to see your people!


My Challenge To You


I want to challenge you! Start taking pictures of your team members going about their daily tasks. Get a picture of your office manager going about his or her day, or a picture of whoever you have running your crews or your teams and get that picture and their name out there on your social media. (Remember to always ask first to see if an employee is comfortable with you posting their name and picture!) Start doing this and then watch the results! You’ll be amazed!


I got this idea from a book called Marketing Rebellion. The author of this book, Mark Schaefer, believes that “the most human company wins”. People want authenticity, and they want to know who the people are behind your brand.


So I challenge you and encourage you to start putting pictures of your actual team, instead of stock photos, on your Facebook page and website.



Your Next Step



I do this for all of my clients. In fact, I’m meeting a client tomorrow at their job site, and I’ll be taking pictures and videos of them performing their tasks. They get to focus on what they do best, and I take care of the posting!


If this is something you know you need to be doing but you don’t have the time or don’t know how to organize it, I’d love to help you out!


Just remember: Be real, be human, and get your team out there where people can see them!

Facebook Customers vs Google Customers

Facebook customers vs Google Customers

Facebook Customers vs. Google Customers

Okay Home Repair Contractors, let’s talk about the difference between a customer who finds you on Google and a customer who finds you on Facebook. Of course, since I manage social media accounts I think that social media, including Facebook, gets you better customers. But let me explain why!


Google Customers Are Strangers/Haven’t Heard of Your Business


Think about someone who goes to Google to search for a plumber, an electrician, a landscaping company, etc. The fact that they go to Google first tells you that they don’t have a go-to person for these services. In fact, it says that they did not even take the time to ask their friends and family. They go out to Google and then will call two or three of the top hits. In the end, they’ll choose the company that offers them the lowest price. If your business model doesn’t have you focused on being the cheapest, you’re going to lose that customer no matter how much you’re paying to have someone optimize your website!


I’m not trying to knock SEO companies. I believe in SEO. When someone googles you, your brand had better come up! It definitely pays to have someone doing SEO on your website. Without some good SEO if someone Googles “electricians in McKinney,” you’re not going to come up.


But even if your SEO is good and your customers do find you on that Google search, Google customers are (more than likely) looking for the cheapest price within those first few hits.


Organic Facebook Customers Are Already Familiar With Your Business At Some Level


Facebook customers are different in a couple of different ways. Sometimes they’re already following your page and have been seeing your posts and your content. Maybe you’ve already helped them out in the past so you have a good reputation with that specific customer. Sometimes a customer finds you because a friend has tagged your page in a recommendation. This customer then takes a look through your Facebook page and sees your videos, your posts, your pictures, your team, and they get a warm and fuzzy feeling about you.


Typically Facebook customers are not out getting multiple bids. They already know, like and trust you, so whatever price you give them they’re going to run with it. They are more willing to see you as a company that is worth the price and who will do excellent work.


Facebook Customers Are Willing To Pay What Your Services Are Worth


Facebook is most beneficial for business owners who are trying to attract clients who are not just looking for the lowest price. If you are looking for clients who are just looking for the lowest price, that’s fine. In that case, you are better off throwing all your money at Google, because that’s where you’re going to find your customers. But if you’re looking for a customer who is willing to pay for your value, your quality of service—those customers are getting referred to you, and they’re getting tagged by people referring you. They’re customers who have been following your page already.


Your Next Step


If you’re a value-driven business you’re going to get better customers on Facebook. If you’re not active on Facebook, I can help you out with that! I can meet you at your job sites to take videos and pictures of your work, and post them for you so that when people go to your Facebook page they get that warm and fuzzy feeling and decide, “This is the company I trust! I don’t care how much the bid is (within reason), I’m going with them because there’s something about them that makes me trust that they’re worth it and they’re going to get the job done!”


The Types of Businesses That Embrace Social Media

The Types of Businesses That Embrace Social Media

The Types of Businesses That Embrace Social Media

Okay home repair contractors, today I want to talk about the types of businesses that embrace having a social media presence—more specifically, a Facebook presence.


I just left a client’s worksite where I was visiting him to take some pictures and make some videos. This got me to thinking about all my clients and how easy it is to work with them. When I post on Facebook the engagement is incredible and the comments are typically always positive. I started thinking that I’m really lucky that I don’t have to put out fires all day with bad reviews and negative comments. Why is it that my clients get such great comments and reviews while others do not?


I went through my client list and identified some qualities that my clients, business owners who embrace their social media/Facebook presence, have that others often do not.



1. They offer high-quality service.

First of all, the type of business that embraces social media is one that does not cut corners. They are committed to giving high-quality service to their customers. This is important because when I post pictures of their work or of their employees for them, people who have done business with them already give their stamp of approval by commenting, liking or sharing the post. First and foremost my clients all give great service!


2. They are ready to go to the next level.


My clients are all existing businesses who were already doing fairly well, but they wanted to take their businesses to the next level. I make it very clear when I talk to a potential client that what I do is not lead generation per se; it’s more brand marketing. I focus on making people feel wonderful about your business, making it easy for people to refer you, and keeping your business in sight and in mind. That leads to repeat business! It also leads to my clients being able to charge what they’re actually worth because they can show why they’re worth it. My company does not take businesses and save them. We do not take businesses that are on their way out of business, and then we start posting and they turn around. That’s not what we do! What I do is take a business that is doing 2 million a year and expose them to more people, put a magnifying glass on their business, and bring them to 4 and 5 million a year. I might help bring someone doing half a million a year in business to a full million. It’s more of polishing up what you’re already doing so that you can do more of it.


Again, these clients are clients who already have an existing business, but they’re looking for someone to help take them to the next level.



3. They use technology to make their clients’ lives easier.


Today’s customer wants things automated. They want an email saying when their service person is there, and they want to pay with a card online or through Square. They don’t want to write a check! They usually don’t even want to call the business. They want to message the Facebook page. They want to be able to schedule service right on the website. Several of my clients are business who have been doing this type of automation for a long time, but they also understand that they need to be innovative to meet their customers where they are.


These are all the types of businesses that are coming our way, and it makes my life easier because I’m getting clients who are already providing a great service, they are meeting clients where they are in terms of technology, and they are looking to take their business to the next level, they just need that extra push that Facebook can give them.


Your Next Step


If you meet those criteria and you’re not already working with someone who is helping you with your social media presence, I’d love to help you out! Give me a call or shoot me an email at

Why Your Revenue Increases From Social Media

why your revenue increases from social media

Why Your Revenue Increases From Social Media

What I Hear From My Clients



I just had a meeting with one of my clients. We were going over our game plan for the next couple of months, and he mentioned something to me that really stuck out. He said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but we’re busier than we’ve ever been!”

Actually, this is a common thing I hear from my clients after their first few months of working with me. I think the reason business picks up so much because really what we do is we put a magnifying glass over what you are already doing in your business. If you have a great service and we put our magnifying glass over that (putting videos on Facebook, taking pictures of your team, before and after pictures of your projects), more people are going to be able to see how great you are. When this happens, the revenue has to go up!


What People Will Start Telling You


This is the number one benefit of having a Facebook strategy. Specifically, the strategy I use for my clients causes their revenue to go up. It’s very similar to hiring a personal trainer or getting on a nutrition plan. The scale can sometimes lie—you might be getting fitter and healthier, but you might not see the weight loss at first. Similarly, you may not get direct leads from Facebook, and people may not come to you saying “I saw you on Facebook.” But you’ll be getting more referrals and your revenue will be going up.


Just like weight loss before the scale goes down, you don’t see a change yourself but your clothes will start fitting better and people will be telling you how great you look. You start to feel better about yourself. You can’t tie it back to one workout, but you’ve made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and you’re getting a response.


More Referrals, Not Necessarily Trackable Leads


This is the same thing my clients find. They may not be able to tie it back to one post or anything specific that we’re doing, but with the combination of our videos and posts, and the comments our clients leave, they find that people are coming up to them saying they’ve seen the videos. They share their information. The referrals go up, and the revenue goes up.


Your Next Step


Even if you don’t use us, I highly encourage you to start putting content on Facebook—videos, pictures or a combination of both. Try it and let me know what kind of results you get!


If you don’t have time to do any of this yourself, we’re here to help!  Get in contact with me today, and when you market with Mario you profit with Mario!