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Digital Marketing Tips For Pool Builders

digital marketing tips for pool builders

Digital Marketing Tips For Pool Builders

All right, pool builders! Let’s jump right into talking about your digital marketing strategy for 2021! There are three things you should be doing this year to set yourself apart from all the other companies out there.


1. Shoot Videos.


If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know what I’m going to say first: video! Nothing captures your audience’s attention quite like video. Make sure you’re posting your videos to your YouTube channel, and your Facebook page.


But there are a few other things that are important for you to do as well. Think about things from the homeowner’s perspective. Let’s look at a pool company, for example. With the pandemic in 2020, the pool industry exploded! People didn’t feel safe going to the community pool, so they decided to just put one in their own backyard.


What does a homeowner want when they search for someone to put a pool in their backyard? They don’t want a really small company, because they might have the fear that it will take a very small company too long to get the job done. But they also may not want to go with a really large company, because of a fear that they might cut corners, or be more expensive. Homeowners tend to feel better about mid-sized companies.


What are some of the things that will set your company apart from your competition? Nowadays, word of mouth is happening online. That is why your digital strategy is so important. We buy with our guts, not with our brains!


2. Add Blog Posts to Your Website.


Beyond video, there are two things you should be paying attention to. The first is to add content to your websites. This means blogging, which is something I do for my clients. Let’s look at our hypothetical pool company again, although this will work for you no matter what industry you’re in. The typical homeowner has all these questions: How long is the job going to take? What’s the price range? What kinds of features should I be going with for my pool? What’s a grotto? Start blogging about these topics! Someone who is willing to invest $60,000, or $100,000, or $150,000 into a pool is not typically going to Google and call the first company that pops up. They’re going to do some in-depth research on this, and you want to be the one who answers their questions! If you are the one answering their questions, you are the one they are going to trust.


So blog! Whatever your industry, blogging is the way to give your clients the information they need, and to build their trust in you so that you earn their business.


3. Send the Blog to Your Email List.


Every time you blog, you also want to send that blog post to your email list. I talk about this all the time too because your email list is gold! These are people who have already trusted you enough to get a quote from you, or even better, have done business with you before and know how you operate. Believe it or not, this is even important in the pool industry, because people move! And since you did such a great job putting in a pool for them at their last house, they want to use you again. Or, their friends may be so impressed with their pool that they ask who put it in—if that homeowner has a fresh email from you in their inbox, they will remember right away who did the job and be able to recommend you.






The three things you really need to be doing in 2021 are videos (add these to YouTube and Facebook), blogging on your website, and sending those blog posts to your email lists. Doing these things will help separate you from other companies this year!


If you need help with your digital marketing, I would love to meet up with you! I’m Mario with Market With Mario, and remember—when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario!

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