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Experimac – Used Apple Products For Home Repair Contractors

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Experimac – Used Apple Products For Home Repair Contractors


What They Sell and Repair


All right, home repair contractors! If your team uses iPads and tablets and you run on Mac systems—maybe a MacBook Pro—you need to know about this store in McKinney called Experimac! It’s located at Eldorado and Hardin, and it does everything. You can get your products repaired here. You can buy and sell here. They have amazing ownership and amazing staff!


My Experience


I just purchased a used iPad Pro for half the price that I would have paid at the Apple store, and it runs great! It works beautifully for my presentations.


Save Money


So if your technicians keep going through iPads (because when you use iPads in the field they can take a beating), I highly recommend you check this place out. Everything here is rigorously tested. It’s almost like a pre-owned car program, but for Apple products! 

Check out Experimac and ask for Jeff! If you want to buy some really great used tablets and Macs, or if you need any repairs on your phones, computers, tablets, whatever—they’ll fix you up!  

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