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Facebook Customers vs Google Customers

Facebook customers vs Google Customers

Facebook Customers vs. Google Customers

Okay Home Repair Contractors, let’s talk about the difference between a customer who finds you on Google and a customer who finds you on Facebook. Of course, since I manage social media accounts I think that social media, including Facebook, gets you better customers. But let me explain why!


Google Customers Are Strangers/Haven’t Heard of Your Business


Think about someone who goes to Google to search for a plumber, an electrician, a landscaping company, etc. The fact that they go to Google first tells you that they don’t have a go-to person for these services. In fact, it says that they did not even take the time to ask their friends and family. They go out to Google and then will call two or three of the top hits. In the end, they’ll choose the company that offers them the lowest price. If your business model doesn’t have you focused on being the cheapest, you’re going to lose that customer no matter how much you’re paying to have someone optimize your website!


I’m not trying to knock SEO companies. I believe in SEO. When someone googles you, your brand had better come up! It definitely pays to have someone doing SEO on your website. Without some good SEO if someone Googles “electricians in McKinney,” you’re not going to come up.


But even if your SEO is good and your customers do find you on that Google search, Google customers are (more than likely) looking for the cheapest price within those first few hits.


Organic Facebook Customers Are Already Familiar With Your Business At Some Level


Facebook customers are different in a couple of different ways. Sometimes they’re already following your page and have been seeing your posts and your content. Maybe you’ve already helped them out in the past so you have a good reputation with that specific customer. Sometimes a customer finds you because a friend has tagged your page in a recommendation. This customer then takes a look through your Facebook page and sees your videos, your posts, your pictures, your team, and they get a warm and fuzzy feeling about you.


Typically Facebook customers are not out getting multiple bids. They already know, like and trust you, so whatever price you give them they’re going to run with it. They are more willing to see you as a company that is worth the price and who will do excellent work.


Facebook Customers Are Willing To Pay What Your Services Are Worth


Facebook is most beneficial for business owners who are trying to attract clients who are not just looking for the lowest price. If you are looking for clients who are just looking for the lowest price, that’s fine. In that case, you are better off throwing all your money at Google, because that’s where you’re going to find your customers. But if you’re looking for a customer who is willing to pay for your value, your quality of service—those customers are getting referred to you, and they’re getting tagged by people referring you. They’re customers who have been following your page already.


Your Next Step


If you’re a value-driven business you’re going to get better customers on Facebook. If you’re not active on Facebook, I can help you out with that! I can meet you at your job sites to take videos and pictures of your work, and post them for you so that when people go to your Facebook page they get that warm and fuzzy feeling and decide, “This is the company I trust! I don’t care how much the bid is (within reason), I’m going with them because there’s something about them that makes me trust that they’re worth it and they’re going to get the job done!”


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