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How Long Your Videos Should Be

how long your videos should be


Okay Home Repair Contractors, one question I’ve been getting a lot from clients and prospective clients is, “How long should my videos be?”


It Doesn’t Matter


I’m going to give you a pretty shocking answer: It doesn’t matter!


Now, we can’t be putting out 10- or 15-second videos. That’s crazy. But as far as a perfect amount of time, such as a minute, or exactly two or three minutes—no!


Instead of focusing on time, it’s more important to focus on your content. Are you helping people with your video?


A Client Example


We just shot a video for our sprinkler repair company client. It was just over four minutes long. If you read a lot of blog posts about how to do social media the “right” way, they’ll tell you that videos should be three minutes long or your audience will tune out. That’s just not the case, and it wasn’t the case for our client! If you have an interesting topic, the sound quality is good, and it’s something the homeowners care about (in this case the topic was “the best time to update your landscaping and tips on how to manage your sprinkler system to handle your updates”), people will watch.


Topic Is More Important Than Length


If you’re a plumber, you might do a video about why and how to flush your tankless water heater. Even if that video is a little long, customers who need and want this information will watch it.


The topic is so much more important than the length! If you focus on length, it will be obvious that your video is just there to meet an algorithm or a guideline.


Speak from your heart, get a really good topic that your audience will care about, and get out there and film! Your videos will be more genuine, and more authentic. (Speaking of authentic, if you watch the video I just made where I talk about this, you can see my daughter running through the background!)


Your Next Step


So don’t put any effort or thought into trying to get your video length to match some idea of the “right” amount of time. Focus on helping your audience. When you do that, people are going to share and like your videos!

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