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How Much Time Do I Need To Market My Business?

how much time

“How Much of My Time Do You Need?”

Recently a potential client asked me how much of their time I needed from them on a monthly basis. We went over our game plan of the videos, the pictures, the monthly blogging and emailing, and he was concerned that doing all those things would result in taking up a lot of his time.


Not Much Extra Time Since We Meet Where You Already Are Working


I always tell my clients, “You handle your trade, and I handle the marketing.” It only takes about 30 minutes to an hour a month for me to meet with you and gather enough material for the marketing. But when you look at it, it’s not really taking up your extra time. I meet you at your location, your job site, wherever you are performing your service—there’s no extra travel time for you. And because I film what you’re actually doing it doesn’t take any time out of your work. 


Game Planning


These meetings give us a chance to meet face to face and go over our game plans, see what’s working, see what’s coming up as far as the weather or the time of year, etc. I don’t need a whole lot of your time, which is great! Once I can capture a few videos and some pictures that gives me enough material to start creating the blog posts and email campaigns, as well as the weekly Instagram and Facebook posts. 


Your Commitment


So all I need is for you to do the work you’re already doing but just coordinate with me so I can meet you there at the scene. I need 30-45 minutes, maybe an hour of your time each month, and that lets me be able to create enough content to move the needle to continue to grow your business. 

I hope this helps if you’ve been considering using Market With Mario for your social media in 2019! We look forward to helping you grow your business!

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