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How to Attract High-End Customers To Your Home Service Business


Home Repair Contractors:  Today we are going to talk about not just attracting more customers, but attracting better customers. If you are a home repair contractor you probably want to avoid the type of customer who is just looking for the cheapest price or the lowest bid.


Let’s look at 3 behaviors that the high-end, high-quality customer has:




1. They never bring up price right away.



You know you’re dealing with someone who is only concerned with the lowest price when the first question out of their mouth is, “How much is it?” The higher-end customer does not go straight to talking about price. This is because this type of customer has already researched the job and knows about what to expect in terms of price. They have enough money to pay for quality, and they understand that quality is worth the price. A customer who is concerned about quality is not a customer hunting for the cheapest bid.



2. They check you out before they call you.



If you are only looking for the lowest price, you call around until you find the lowest price. You don’t care about the company. You don’t need to. But if you are looking for quality service, like a beautiful pool or outdoor kitchen that will wow your guests and stand the test of time, you do care about which company you use. You may ask your friends for recommendations. You are going to check out their Facebook page and their website. You’re going to check out their content, and their Google reviews.


This should tell you that if you want to attract a better customer, your online presence really needs to be on point.



3. They will show off your work.



This is great for you! Think about it: if you build someone a gorgeous pool with a slide and waterfalls and a grotto, they’re going to show it off! They’re going to invite friends and family over. They’re going to post pictures of it on Facebook. And that’s all your work that they’re showing off!


Now, if you’re reading this blog or watching my videos, you are probably not the contractor that is getting calls for the lowest bid. If you are reading and watching this, you are out to attract better customers with your quality work. The people who are only looking for the cheapest price are calling contractors who don’t do the quality of work that you do. And when they get their lesser-quality work done, they’re not going to be as eager to show it off. If you put a significant amount of money into remodeling your home, you really want to show it off!


What do you need to be doing to attract these better customers? You need to:


• Post videos.


• Post blog posts that give your potential customers value and answer their questions before they call.


• Have an amazing online presence that matches the quality of the service you provide.

Want Better Customers?



If you’re sick and tired of hearing the phone ring only to have someone on the other end trying to get the lowest price possible out of you, and you want to attract customers who have a budget and care about quality, I’d love to help you out!

Call me today at 214-856-0492. Let’s talk about your business, and let me see how I can help!

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