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How To Find Skilled Service Technicians

How To Find Skilled Service Technicians

How To Find Skilled Service Technicians


By now, most home repair contractors understand the value of social media when it comes to getting new and repeat customers, referrals, etc. Everyone and their mother and their great-grandmother are on social media now!


A New Trend


But I’m seeing a trend that social media marketing is also good for recruiting and attracting top talent. If you’re looking for technicians, office assistants, office managers, things like that, understand that the top talent is going to research your company online before they ever call you to inquire about getting an interview. 

In the past few months, I’ve had two clients reach out to me to tell me that they’ve had potential employees contact them out of the blue to say, “I’ve been following you on social media and I want to work for you!” These potential employees saw something about these companies through their online presence that they wanted to be a part of. 


Great Techs Are Hard To Find


It can be tough to find top talent, especially in the trades. One of my top sayings is, “Your top employees are not sitting on their couches looking for jobs. They’re out working somewhere!”

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of social media in 2019, keep in mind that one added benefit of marketing your business online is that you’re going to attract high-level technicians that have following your brand and want to be a part of what you do. They’ve seen that there’s something special about you, and they want to be part of your mission.

If that’s you and you are looking to grow your business and your team this year, I’d love to be able to sit down with you and look at your business to see if we’re a fit. All my information is below, but is my email and I look forward to helping you grow your business in 2019!

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