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How To Get More Likes On Facebook

How to get more likes on Facebook

Today, let’s address the question of, “How do I get more likes on Facebook?” Or, “How do I grow my Facebook page?”

I’m going to give you three tips on how to get quality people, not just robots, to actually “like” your Facebook page.

1. Use Facebook ads.

Advertise on Facebook by running Facebook ads. All our clients run ads on Facebook. This gets them in front of their target audience. For instance, if you are a personal trainer, you can run ads targeted to people near your gym or where you operate, and who are into fitness. You can target the age demographic you’re looking for, you can target for men or women, etc. Facebook allows this kind of targeting to take place.  It’s a very effective way to grow your Facebook page not only with people, but people who will actually use your products or services.

2. Ask! But also …

Ask people that you network with, ask your current clients and customers to like your Facebook page. But here’s the catch—you have to give people the “selfish” reason for why they should like your page. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves, when people say “Hey, like us on Facebook!” without giving us a reason why we should like them. What’s in it for us?

For instance, I want people to like our Facebook page because we’re consistently giving out value and tips on how business owners can grow their social media presence. When you like our page, you get something in return.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, whether you’re a garage door repair company, a realtor, whatever the case may be—give your audience the selfish reason for why they should like your page. Give them some value in return for the “like.” This can be as simple as weekly tips, or special coupons, or whatever—get creative with it! You’ll get such a better response if you give your customers something, as opposed to just asking them to like you so that you can get to 1000 likes.

3. Keep your icons visible.

Make sure your social media icons are at the top of your website. I know we’re just talking about Facebook right now, but put the icons for all the social media you’re active in at the top right of your web page. That tells people that you are active on those platforms. A lot of times they’ll click through right there.

Imagine this: Your potential customer gets a mailer from you. They take that and go Google your business, find your website, and click on your social media icons which are right there and easy to see. Then they’ll see all your great content and engagement with people, and really start to fall in love with your company!

But if the icons are not visible there, they may not associate you with being on social media. Or maybe the spelling of your Facebook page is a little bit different, and it’s hard for them to find it—it’s so much easier for people to get there with just a click of a button, so that they can go to your website and then right to your Facebook page. 

I hope this helps you get some more visibility on your Facebook page! Again, we are all about building our pages with quality likes, from people who would actually do business with us. If this is something that you think is valuable but you know you have no time to do everything, we can manage these campaigns and build your Facebook page for you! If you need that kind of service, go to the “Social Media Management” tab. 

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