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How to Improve Audio Quality in Video

how to improve audio quality in video

How to Improve Audio Quality in Video


Okay, Home Repair Contractors! Let’s talk a little bit about audio quality—more specifically, how to improve the audio quality in your videos. I’m going to give you three quick tips for how you can make sure you have the best sound possible in your videos. Nothing will kill a video faster than bad audio! If your videos are full of crackling wind, or background noise, or if your voice can’t be heard over static or interference—no one is going to bother with trying to watch your videos.


1. Use a microphone.


Make sure that you have some kind of microphone other than a standard camera microphone, or your phone microphone. I shoot all of my videos with my iPhone because it makes good quality videos. But if you look closely at my videos you can see that I’m wearing a little lapel microphone. When I film clients I use a little BOYA shotgun mic I got off of Amazon that I can plug right into my iPhone. I highly recommend that you use something like this because these microphones will cancel out other sounds and wind. And let’s face it—home repair contractors are typically filming outdoors where you will have to deal with wind! Make sure that you are investing in a lapel mic or some kind of add-on mic.


2. Watch your volume.


You can easily adjust the sound volume of your video in the iMovie app. If you find that you don’t project your voice well, you can raise the volume there before you upload the video to either Facebook or YouTube.



3. Control your environment.


The lapel and shotgun microphones will cancel out a lot of wind, but they can’t fix everything. If you shoot on a very windy day you will still get audio interference. If you do shoot on a super windy day people may find your video just too hard to listen to, and turn it off. If you can, choose a nice, calm day for your video shoot!

Your Next Step


If you’re thinking, “Gosh, these are great tips, but I don’t want to go out and buy these products. I don’t want to do any of this myself. Can you just do this for me?” Absolutely! I would love to talk with you about doing videos like this for your Facebook page and your email list. If that sounds interesting to you, email me at!

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