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How To Keep Customers Coming Back

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Why do people go to Google? Have you ever really thought about that, as a business owner?  If I provide a service to someone, why are they going to Google to look for the service that I provide?

This is an interesting question to think about and to use to get into the psyche of the consumer. Most of you reading this blog are in business, and you network with people who provide services to a lot of business owners. I want you to remove yourself from that for just a moment. Instead, we’re talking about Joe and Jane Shmoe that do not network with other landscapers, plumbers, roofers, etc., so they don’t necessarily know a good one from their networking or their chamber of commerce. 

Jane and Joe either don’t know a good company to service their home or vehicle, or they can’t remember the name of the last person or company they used. So they go to Google

But if Jane and Joe are using Google because they can’t remember who they used before, this should be alarming to business owners. Why? Because, say that you own a lawn-mowing company, and you mowed their yard every single week during the summer. Then the winter comes, and maybe they stop the service. But then the next summer comes. Why would they go to Google?

Well, there are a couple of different reasons: Maybe they weren’t satisfied with the service, for instance. But the majority of the time they just don’t remember who you are. 

That’s where social media comes in, and that’s why we’re big believers in the idea that if you can show up consistently, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, in email campaigns, whenever you can touch them digitally in what I call a safe way (meaning you’re just providing value and tips), your customers will not forget you!

lawnmowerTake that lawn-care company, for instance. Say it’s wintertime and they’re not using your service. That’s fine, but you don’t want to fall off their radar! Remember, “In sight, in mind.” If you keep your name in front of them with tips and useful information, when spring rolls around they’re not going to Google—they already have that relationship with you!

Our goal here at Market With Mario with our clients is to keep their customers from ever venturing out to Google. Their customers should never need to do this because not only are they providing such a great service, but their customers remember them because they see them all the time through social media. So think about that—are your current customers going to Google simply because they forgot about you? If you feel they are, check out our marketing services to see how we can help you keep your customers. Click here: Marketing Services

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