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How to Market to Different Generation Groups

marketing to different generations

Today, let’s talk about how to market to different generation groups.

I always hear people asking, “How do I market to Millennials? How do I market to Gen X or Baby Boomers?”

Stop it! Stop, stop stop!

We cannot put people in these categories and expect to market to all of them the same way. It makes no sense! I’ll give you an example:

My wife and I are about the same age, both in our 30s. But we’re very different people. Just because you can fit us into the same age category doesn’t mean that you can market to her and to me in the same way! For starters, I’m male, she’s female; we have different interests; I’m introverted, she’s more extroverted, etc.

So if you try to create content to just resonate with a specific age group, you’re not going to see results.

Do This Instead:

Instead of trying to market to generations, you have to dig into interests. The good news is that these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to target beyond age groups and gender. We’ve gotten so smart with our marketing that we’re actually able to dig into interests, where people work, what their position is … you can build a complete client persona. (I’ve done a blog post and video about defining your client persona.) You could be a yoga instructor or a makeup artist that typically would have a certain kind of client base that not every single Millennial or Gen Xer would fit into, right? So identify and dig into your client base. 

I want business owners to get away from this idea of trying to market to a labelled generation. I encourage you to throw that line of thinking out, and to really hone in on all the different factors that you and your products and services can dig into.

We have to be smarter marketers, and really define that client persona and dig more into the behaviors and interests of your clients, rather than just their age label!  If you need help defining your marketing strategy to appeal to their interests, schedule a consultation here:  Marketing Consultation

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