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How To Market Your Business When You’re On Vacation

online marketing, social media managementYou’re a small business owner, but you want to go on vacation. What do you do with your marketing while you’re out of town?

Right now we have two clients who are away on vacation. They’re having a great time! Because they have us to manage their marketing and social media efforts, they’re not missing anything when it comes to exposure. If someone were to message their page right now and ask them a question or relay some kind of a concern, we are able to reply back to that customer even though the business owners are away having a great time on vacation. The customers never notice that the business owner is away!

Now imagine if our clients did not have us in place. That potential customer just sits there, or that message just sits there, unanswered. Eventually that customer is going to go with someone else because they did not get a timely response. No one is going to wait a week for a business to get back from vacation to respond to their concerns.

online marketing, social media managementOur clients cannot afford to just shut down their marketing for a week because if they do they will lose exposure, and will lose the ability to provide timely customer service. It’s important for our clients to not have that down time. They have employees who are relying on them to keep their businesses in the forefront, not only from a marketing perspective, but also from a customer service standpoint. This is why it’s important that you have a company you can trust to manage your social media and marketing efforts while you’re away.

So whether it’s our company or another company that you trust, make sure you have someone reputable to manage your social media and marketing. Then as a business owner you can actually get out, take a vacation, and your marketing and exposure never skip a beat.

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