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How To Market Your Home Repair Business During COVID-19

How To Market Your Home Repair Business During COVID-19

Okay Home Repair Contractors, let’s talk about how to market your business in the age of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.


Luckily, most of you who are home repair contractors are still out there doing repairs. If you are an air conditioning company, a garage repair company, if you repair appliances—people still need your services.


And luckily for you, guys like me exist! I only own a drill because I needed it once to fix a cabinet. And I failed miserably. I am not the guy to fix things around the house! There are a lot of people like me who rely on people like you to help them out in their homes, to fix their cabinets, their A/C, plumbing, etc. So for you, I’m going to give you 3 tips on how you can stay relevant and on the top of your customers’ minds during this pandemic:


1. Utilize your email list.

I see a lot of people sending out discounts and specials, and information about what your team is doing to stay safe during COVID. That’s great! But to me it’s news is you’re not doing those things. Every business who is still operating and essential should be doing those things by default.


What I would like to see you doing in your emails is sending out tips and information that is valuable to your customers. How-tos are a great thing to do right now. This may sound counterintuitive, and like you’re giving away some of your services. But remember—guys like me only own a drill because we want to say we own a drill. I don’t know how to use this thing at all!


So give out tips. Give out value. Share how-tos. Stop discounting your services. Stop telling us you’re washing your hands because that should be a given.


2. Post videos.


Post videos of you doing your service. I love to meet my clients at their job sites, and I film them working. If my client is a plumber I film them fixing a toilet or faucet, etc. Get your camera out and film yourself or your technicians doing your essential service. I want you to stop telling everyone you’re an essential service when you can show them!


Video is a great way to connect to your customer base. Post your videos to your Facebook and YouTube pages, and have your customers like you there!


3. Blogging.


This is the same concept as the emails and videos because you will use the blogs to add value and content to your website. This is the perfect time to start getting really good content for your website. Google loves it when you keep updating your content! A blog section on your website is perfect for doing just that.


This is one of the things we like to provide for our clients as well. People like to watch videos, but they also like to read blog posts. You can create blog posts that are how-tos, or that tell your customers how to save money on certain repairs or appliances—all that good information your customers need right now. Everyone’s trying to save money right now! If you’re an electrician, maybe you could give them tips about which light bulbs to buy to save money on their electric bill. If you’re a plumber, maybe some tips on how to conserve water.


Really think about how you can be valuable to your potential customers because let’s face it—even though I don’t know how to do repairs, I don’t need anything repaired right now. But if I’m constantly seeing tips and information from you all the time, then when I do need you I’m going to know who you are, I’m going to trust you, and I’m going to see you as the expert. And I’m going to call you and hire you to do my repair!


Your Next Step


If you’re not sure how to do any of this, or you don’t have time to do it yourself, give me a call! I’d love to talk with you about how I can help you market your home repair business, even now during the COVID crisis.

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