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How to Respond to Social Media Comments

comments on social media

I want you to imagine someone complimenting you on your clothes, or on something you said, and you just sit there and look at them. That would be very strange, right?

It’s the same way on social media, when someone comments on one of our posts and the comment goes unanswered. The beauty of social media to me is that it’s a two-way street. That is, a two-way communication street, whereas with a billboard or a mailer or even radio and TV ads, you can’t talk back to whatever’s presented to you. You can’t get a mailer and go “Oh, I have a question!” and then ask it the question. What’s really great about social media is that when we post and then when someone has an engaging comment or a question we can write them right back, there on the spot, and engage with that potential client or customer. 

So what I recommend is, make sure you’re monitoring all your accounts so that if you are posting, and someone does comment, you can write them back. 

Here’s an extra tip: What I like to do in my comments is comment back with a question, if it makes sense to do so. Meaning, if I’m managing a realtor’s page, and we ask an engaging question such as “What’s your favorite room in your home?” or “What room do you most want to remodel?” and they respond, “The kitchen.” You can say, “Great! Would you prefer a galley kitchen, or an open kitchen?” and keep the conversation going similar to what you would do in real life. 

The key is, you have to respond to each and every comment! When you do that it encourages that person to want to comment again. It also lets the people watching know that if they engage your particular brand or company, you will take the time to write them back. 

If you think that this is an important tip but you just don’t have the time to sit there and reply to all those comments, we can manage that for you! In fact, if you go to “Social Media Management” tab on our site, you will see the package that we have designed just for local business owners. 

So, reply back to those comments, and see what happens for your business!

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