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How To Use Social Media For Recruiting

Social media for recruiting

There’s nothing more rewarding to us as a marketing firm than when we’re able to grow our clients to the point to where they’re needing to hire more employees and staff! That’s a big deal for us!

Of course we work to get our clients leads, but when they grow enough to need more employees, we go to work for them in an additional way, to help them recruit employees through online marketing.

I’m going to give you three strategies that you can use in your business to use things like social media and online marketing to help you recruit employees. Disclaimer: We are not an HR firm. Be aware that there are different things that you have to say and word for different industries. Make sure you check out the requirements for your particular line of work before you use these tips. 

1. Use recruiting tools.

First of all, you can use some kind of recruiting tool, such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter. I personally like ZipRecruiter because it will tweet out the jobs for you, and you can tweet them to Twitter, post them to Facebook, post them to LinkedIn, etc. Then you have a double-edged sword in that not only are you posting about the jobs, but you have a third party posting jobs for you using different hashtags, etc. These are very effective tools!

2. Use your social media platforms.

The second thing that you can do to recruit online is to post about the jobs on your social media platforms. That’s been successful for us too. The neat part about doing that is you can post the job on Facebook and say, “Hey, tag someone that you think would be interested in this position!” You’ll be surprised by how many people comment, “Oh, hey (friend or relative), this would be a great opportunity for you!” We’ve been able to get resumes for our clients that way. 

3. Use your email list.

The third thing that you can do when you are recruiting is to use your email list. You can email your customer list saying, “Hey, if you know anyone who can fit this particular criteria, then you can have them email us, etc.” 

4. Use your website.

The fourth one—I may have said three at the beginning, but I’m going to give you a bonus fourth one—the fourth thing that you can do to recruit online is to have an employment tab on your website. If you’re a business that’s constantly hiring employees and staff you can funnel them to that tab, and that’s where you can have your job descriptions and a place to submit resumes. So if you have a web developer, have them build out an employment section for your website.

If you’re reading this and you are growing, congratulations! That’s great to hear! I love helping local businesses and small businesses grow! If you know anyone who is looking to grow their business, please have them contact us here at Market With Mario!

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