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How To Use The Next Door App For Business

Next Door App

Today I want to talk to you about the Nextdoor app.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a neighborhood app where people can log in and sell things, recommend services, etc. More importantly, people log in and ask for recommendations for specific services. And so for all of our clients, one of the things that we do on a daily basis is search the Nextdoor app.

When you log in to this app it makes sure that you live in the neighborhood you say you do, so you’re only seeing local people there. We use this to search for leads for all of our clients. Since we are industry exclusive, this makes it easy for us—if someone is requesting a good auto repair shop, there’s only one we represent so we recommend them. 

But more importantly, I want to tell you about the value of the Nextdoor app for you as a business owner. Here are three reasons we think you should use the Nextdoor app:

1. Look for leads.

You can use it to look for leads yourself. If you are a plumber and you check the Nextdoor app for your neighborhood every day, then every time someone comes on looking for a good, reliable plumber you can say, “Hey! I actually own a plumbing company. Give us a call!”

2. Give referrals.

If you have Nextdoor on your phone you can refer other people. I refer not only clients, but people that I know, like and trust to people who are looking for those specific services. This in turn helps me to be a good networker, and it can help you to be a good networker as well. It’s always a good idea to network—we’ve talked about this before. As a byproduct of this, using the app for networking makes me look like a good networker to the Chamber of Commerce, etc. I don’t use the app in order to get that benefit, but it is a nice byproduct. 

3. Find services for yourself.

You can use it to find reputable services to help you with your business. A lot of times I might not even be actively searching for a product or service, but I’ll see someone else recommend a company, and I’ll make a note to keep them in mind for when I do need them. 

If you’re in business, after you read this blog I recommend that you download the Nextdoor app, fill in your information, fill out the neighborhood you’re in, and check the recommendations. See if there are any opportunities for you there—I bet there will be!  If you want us to monitor Nextdoor to look for leads for your business on a daily basis, shoot me a text to 214-856-0492 or reply to this email to see if your industry is available (remember, we only serve one business per industry).

2 Responses to How To Use The Next Door App For Business

  1. Anyone in marketing knows that product or service identification is crucial. Nextdoor needs that, too. Nextdoor is always spelled and written just like I have it here — Nextdoor. Never Next Door, as it is in the title of this document.

    • I appreciate the correction, however, I spelled it this way on purpose after doing some keyword research. Oddly enough, this is how most people type it in when searching for ways to use it. I didn’t like doing it but I wanted to generate more traffic. I appreciate you stopping by my blog!

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