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How We Helped Our Client Get a $70,000 Roofing Project

70K roofing project


We just helped our roofing client get a $70,000 project.

How did this happen?

It happened because the customer saw our client’s social media posts and liked what they saw. When their customer dug deeper into our client’s Facebook page and website, they appreciated the content and felt they could trust this company.



Social Media Marketing Works



Of course, we can’t take all the credit. Our clients still had to meet with the homeowner and close the deal. But the contact happened because the homeowner felt, through social media marketing, that our client was the one to trust and to call.


Content That Attracts High-End Homeowners


Facebook Posts

We are not just a video marketing company. We help with all kinds of social media content. We have our roofing company client set up with a fantastic Facebook page, where we post educational content as well as pictures of their actual team members.


Your Website

But we don’t stop there. We provide all our clients content for your web page: consistent, up-to-date blog posts, complete with real photos of your work and your team members. We always replace any stock photos on your website or social media with photos of your team members. We start with a good team photo to showcase your team. This goes a long way toward building trust. We provide our clients with a fantastic Google Business profile.

We cast a wide net for our clients, but it’s all about trust and education.



How We Make Your Customers Feel


Our clients often tell us that their customers say, “Oh wow, I feel like I knew you before I met you!” That’s because when they research the company, they find real content and real people.
However, they won’t tell you this all the time. I’m glad our clients’ customers told them about how they found them on social media because it makes us feel good that our work is making an impact on the business. Even when we don’t directly hear that a customer found and chose our client through social media, we still know it’s working because the business thrives.



What Do Customers See When They Find You Online?


When a potential client researches your company online, what do they see? When they go to your About Us page, what do they find there? What is on your Facebook page? Is it up to date? Is it full of memes instead of quality content? Not that there’s not a time and place for memes—there is.  However, we focus on content that will attract high-end customers.


Are You Losing Out on Potential Revenue?


Are you providing the content your prospective clients want to see if they’re willing to pay you thousands of dollars to replace their roof, landscape their yards, build their pool, or repair their slab leak? Or do they see a bunch of stock photos and no new posts since 2020? Do you have an email list that’s collecting dust? If so, there are millions of dollars in revenue there!


Your Next Step


We want to help you capture those gigantic projects you could be missing. If you don’t have high-quality social media content—or any social media content—we would love to meet with you, learn about your business, and help you get whatever the equivalent of a $70,000 roofing project is for your business.

Remember, when you Market with Mario, you profit with Mario!

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