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3 Benefits of Email Marketing For Contractors

benefits of email marketing

You’re losing thousands of dollars of revenue every month if you’re not contacting your past customers!

Many businesses are doing a great job on all kinds of media fronts: social media, website, print marketing, etc. But many business owners are missing the boat when it comes to their email list.   You probably have this gigantic email list of your past customers. This is a database of just golden money, sitting there. And most business owners are doing absolutely nothing with it!

I want to give you three reasons why you need to have someone, whether that’s our company, some other company, or someone at your office, take advantage of your email list.

1. Repeat business.

The first thing you can do with your email list is generate repeat business. Believe it or not, a lot of people just don’t remember who you are. They just know that someone came and mowed their yard or fixed their toilet. Even if you did a fantastic job, they might not remember your name! The problem is that if you don’t stay in touch, they forget who you are. Then when they have another issue they may go somewhere else, because they forgot who you are.

But if you’re touching base with them every month, not with spam but with helpful tips and reminders, your name stays in front of them and they’re more likely to remember you.

2. Upgrades.

Once you’ve done business with someone, keeping in touch with them makes it more likely that they’ll turn to you when they need an upgrade on their service. For example, let’s say you’re a pool builder, but you also do outdoor kitchens. Maybe in the summer, you helped someone out with their pool, and now that it’s winter time you can help them with an outdoor fireplace or kitchen for football season. You can send an email and get an upgrade or repeat business right there. If you’re a plumber and you fixed someone’s toilet last year and now they’re ready to upgrade to a tankless water heater, you send them an email and boom! They remember you, they know you did a good job, and they hire you.

When you send emails, you get repeat business.

3. Referrals.

The next thing you can do with your email list is to generate referrals. What I tell clients when they first start using our services is, “You’re going to see your referrals go up.” This is because although the recipient of your email may not need your services right now, they know someone who does. When they hear that Tom and Susie down the street are having an issue and don’t know who to call, they’ll remember your email and that you did a good job for them, and recommend you.

I hope this helps you to see the value of your database. You have literally thousands of dollars sitting there on your email list. You have to actively use it! If you have no idea what to do, if you have all your emails through Quickbooks or Square, I can help you export that to a spreadsheet and start to send them quality content on a monthly basis, continue to grow your email list, and help you get repeat business, referrals, and upgrades.

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