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Marketing Tips For Wedding Vendors

marketing tips for wedding vendors

Marketing Tips For Wedding Vendors

I went to a wedding last weekend. That got me thinking about my wedding, that magical day, and everything that goes into planning a wedding. 

I want to give some tips to everyone in the wedding in the industry on how you can attract more brides and grooms to handle the services for their special days! These tips will work for wedding photographers, caterers, wedding venues, florists, cake bakers, etc. Anyone in the wedding industry will benefit from this post!

1. Get in front of your target audience:

Make sure you’re getting your content in front of people who are going to get married. I know this sounds crazy, but really, you have to get your audience right! 🙂

On Facebook, whenever someone gets engaged they change their relationship status to say so.  Did you know that you can run ads to people who are engaged? This is great because these are the people you want to get in front of to get their business. 

On Twitter, people who are engaged are probably going to start following accounts like Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc. If you go to The Knot, for instance, and start to follow their followers (if they’re in your area), typically those will be people who are planning a wedding. 

However you do it, you want to make sure that you’re getting in front of people who are newly engaged. They are the ones who will use your services!

2. Take pictures:

Take a ton of pictures! I know, if you’ve been following my blogs and videos you’ve heard me say this countless times before. But that’s because it works! If you are a wedding photographer, I want to see some of your work! If you’re a caterer, obviously I’d love to taste some of your food but I want to see it, first. If you’re a florist, I want to see some of your arrangements. And not just photos—you can shoot video of your work as well! If you’re a DJ, you may want to have a snippet of some of your emcee performances, and maybe a playlist on your website. However you do it, you want to show off your work! So take plenty of pictures, and put them on Facebook, on your website, anywhere you have a presence.

3. Blog about it:

This is really important. If you’re in the wedding industry I want you to get out a piece of paper, or your phone, and start taking notes on every single question that a bride or a groom has asked you. And then, write a blog post to address those questions! I guarantee you that there is a bride out there who is going to be Googling those questions. “How do I hire a wedding planner? What are the best songs for an opening dance? What’s the best song for a mother/son dance?” Write a blog post to address any of the questions you get asked. You’ll start to slowly but surely move them along through the funnel process.

The mistake a lot of people in business make is they try to go after someone right then and there. But if you get ahead of the questions when they’re just in the thinking stage, you get their attention early on. This is another thing we’ve said time and time again because it works, time and time again. 

So address those concerns that future brides and grooms have!

4. Get reviews:

This may be the most important tip, in my opinion, for the wedding industry. (And those of you in the industry, please correct me if I’m wrong!) You must track down your wedding couples and ask them for a review. And ask them until they give you a review. Because, again, if I’m going to be investing a lot of money in a wedding, I want to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. I want to know that this is not your first wedding, that you’ve done several, and you always do an incredible job. I want to see people raving about your services! 

So as soon as they say, “I do,” run up there and get a review! 

No, I’m kidding! Don’t do that! Wait an appropriate amount of time for the dust to settle, for the couple to get back from their honeymoon, and then ask them, “How was everything?”

Couples want to hire people who have outstanding reviews, people who have been there, done that, time and time again. If you have review after review of customers raving about your services they will want to hire you, regardless of price. 

In the wedding industry, you have one shot at this. You can’t go back and make it right if something is wrong! Your potential customers want to make sure that you come through time and time again. So stay on top of those reviews!

If you’re in the wedding industry and this all sounds great but it also sounds overwhelming, shoot me an email or give me a call. We can definitely help you help others make their special day a truly magical one.


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