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My Favorite Types of Content For Service Businesses

content for service businesses

Content, content, content! We all know content is king, and that’s what we do here at Market With Mario. Today I want to talk about our favorite type of content to create for our clients: educational content.

If you have been following our channel for any amount of time, you know we like to create educational content because it creates trust for your potential customers.

Think about it. When someone teaches you something, you trust them more. We want your customers to trust you, so we provide them with the kind of content that will make that happen.

Educational content is flexible, allowing us to create different types of posts for our clients.

1. Video:

We start out with a video, which we post to our client’s website and YouTube channel. Video is a great way for people to get to know you and your team. It peels back behind the scenes of your company and lets your customers see you in action. This leads to credibility and trust.

2. Blogging

Then we add blogging. Blogging is a great way to add educational content. We take the videos we shoot for our clients and turn them into written blogs for their website. The story that was told, the tips that were shared in the video—it all becomes an educational post. This is a fantastic way to add relevant content to your website on a monthly basis. And remember, Google will crawl your site every month to look for new content! Search engines want fresh, relevant content, and people search for just this kind of content that educates them, answers their questions, or solves their problems.

3. Email Marketing

We also love to create email campaigns for our clients. This is similar to a blog post. Once again we use the video we shot, only this time we email it directly to customers. Customers get an email that addresses their problems and needs.

Think about all the emails you get that are spam and junk and obvious sales pitches. No one wants more spam! Our goal is to stand out in the inbox as something that is helpful, something that might solve a problem, answer a question, and give something of value.

4. Social Media

Finally, we also love to create educational social media content. When we are on location filming a client, we also take several still pictures. We add an educational caption or explanation about what they’re doing in the picture and use this in social media posts. You might have noticed that most companies on social media blast you with sales information, trying to get you to buy right away. We lead by providing value. We educate your customers so that when the time is right for them to buy, they remember you. You are in sight and in mind. That prospective customer already likes and trusts you.


Your Next Step


We’d love to help you create educational content for your website or your social media! Let’s talk. Help us learn more about your business, and we will go over some different options that will help you grow your revenue.

If this sounds exciting to you and if you’re not content with your content, let us know!

And remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario.

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