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Online Marketing Tips For Plumbers

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Online Marketing Tips For Plumbers

What do you do when you suddenly need a plumber? In the past, people would turn to the Yellow Pages. Now, they most likely Google. In an emergency people often choose a plumber blindly, almost at random. Sure, everyone has seen push marketing from plumbers—ads on the radio, TV, direct mail, etc. If you’re a plumber you know that that kind of marketing is great for getting your name out—but when someone needs a plumber quickly you have to depend on them remembering your billboard or ad.

This type of push marketing is on the way out because there’s a better way to market your business: online marketing. The beauty of online marketing is that it gets your name out there, like a billboard, but it’s also interactive. You can change it daily, and more importantly, you can interact with your potential customers and build a relationship with them before they need you. You can respond to their questions and comments in real time and attract a laser-targeted audience right in your service area. That way when that moment comes that your customers need a plumber, they already know where to turn for help.

How Online Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business:

“Great!” you say, “But how do I do this? What do I do to build a relationship online? Do I have to post cat videos?” The good news is that it’s easy to start building relationships on social media, and it doesn’t have to involve cats at all (at least not for a plumber). Here are a few ways in which a plumber can use social media and online marketing to attract customers:

1. Show off your work:

Most of us are visual and like to see the work of others before we use them. We love to see before/after photos of projects! Plumbing is no different. Show off pictures of the work you’ve done, or that you’re doing!

2. How-to videos:

Even better than photos, make some videos. Simple how-to videos to help your prospective customers help themselves will also earn their gratitude and trust. When a big project comes along that they need to call in a professional for, they will remember the company that helped them with their videos.

3. Give tips:

Along with the how-to videos, offer some tips and information so that your customers can learn about how their plumbing works, and how to maintain it and use water wisely. This can be done effectively through blog posts and email campaigns.  Facebook is also a great place to share this kind of information.  When you give out helpful tips you not only come off as the expert (which you are), but you gain trust because you are offering something of value without asking for anything in return. Your prospective customers will look forward to your posts instead of dreading another sales pitch and tuning you out.

4. Show off your staff:

People want to do business with people. They want to know what your customer does, but they also want to know who is doing the work! Posting pictures of the staff on Facebook, Twitter etc. shows a human side to the company and people can make an emotional connection. It’s about the people and not just a logo.

5. Encourage your customers to follow you:

This seems like a no-brainer. Of course, you want your customers to follow you on Facebook and Twitter! But there’s a catch to this: Don’t just ask people to follow you. Give them a reason to follow you. Give your customers something of value for their follow.

For example, you could say: “Please be sure to like our Facebook page because we give tips on how to take care of simple plumbing projects around the home, as well as how to save money on water.” That should be a guaranteed “like” and gives the plumber a chance to stay connected with their customer so the customer will remember who to call when something major does go wrong.

We live in a relationship-driven business world now, and social media is where those relationships are born. People want to do business with those that they know, like and trust. With millions of users on social media, it only makes sense for a plumber to have a presence there. We challenge you to try these tips, and see if the leads start flooding in!

Are you a plumber who is interested in online marketing? I’d love to talk with you!


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