Professional Video Production

Our Video Production Process


What happens when you call us to produce a video for you? Let me walk you through our video production process, from start to finish.

1. The Initial Call.

The first thing we will do is schedule a Zoom call. This allows us to learn more about your business, and the goals you’re trying to achieve with the video. We will outline the project and go over your needs and expectations, including your budget.

Once we reach an agreement, we’ll both sign it and move into production.

2. The shot list.

We will give you a call about a week prior to the video shoot to go over all the details. We’ll confirm who is going to be in the shot, where we’re shooting, the different speaking roles, and the shots we’ll get. This gives us a crystal clear picture of how the day will go. This way everything runs as smoothly as possible. This also allows us to create our shot list, so that each of our camera people knows exactly what they’re shooting and when.

3. Shooting the video.

This is the fun part! This is when we go out with our shot list and actually shoot your video. All of the work that we put into planning ensures that our shooting day goes as smoothly as possible.

4. Editing.

Once we’ve got all the shots we move into our editing process. Everything that goes into editing is included in the agreements we sign up front, including music. Not all companies include music. We make sure all the music used in your video is royalty-free.

5. Distribution. 

This is when we give you the footage in Dropbox. But we also take things a step further. We don’t want to just create an amazing video for you—we want to achieve your business goals. We are going to upload that video to your YouTube channel and optimize it, with a title, tags, and a description.

If you have a LinkedIn business page, we will upload it there for you as well! Then we will coordinate with your web developer on where we think the video should go on your page. If your web developer takes care of this for you, that’s fantastic. But again, our goal is to make sure we’re not only creating great videos for you, but that they actually produce results. Sometimes the best placement for a video is on your front page, but sometimes it’s better on that About Us page. We can talk through placement with you or your web developer.

Your Next Step

So if you are thinking about producing a professional web video, or getting one produced for your website, we’d love to help!

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