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Social Media Content Ideas For Local Businesses

social media content ideas

Social Media Content Ideas For Local Businesses

I had someone ask me the other day, “What do you do if you run out of ideas on what to post? Where do you find content?” And the answer is very simple: There’s so much more content than there are days of the year! You just have to really think about what you want to do and plan in advance. 

I’m going to give you four social media content ideas, not only for our page but for our clients’ pages. 

1. Use local news and trends.

Look for local trends or local news and blend in with those topics. In the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, one of the hot topics is that lot of companies are moving from out of town to cities like Plano, Allen, McKinney, for businesses such as Toyota, Liberty Mutual, and many more. The Cowboys moving to Frisco is another example. Knowing that, we’re able to come up with ideas for how to get in front of those people, how to talk about the different businesses that are popping up. There are so many things going on locally, and we’re able to talk about those things. 

Basically, whatever the water cooler talk is at work, we’re able to jump into those trending topics. Pick one and post about it! Of course, it needs to be a post that makes sense for your industry. But if you can jump into whatever people are talking about locally then you’re going to blend in with the online conversation. And that means that when people are searching for things in that area, they’ll find your business. Remember, when you are in sight, you are in mind. When people search, you want them to find you!

2. Answer frequently asked questions.

You’ve heard this one before if you follow my blogs or videos. This is the biggest thing you can do content wise. In fact, that’s why I’m writing this blog post! Someone asked me a question and I jotted it down. 

Ask your whole team, “What’s the last question you were asked?” If you’re a one-man or one-woman show, think about the last questions you were asked. Jot those down, and start answering them with social media posts. 

3. Be a problem solver.

Solve problems. Make a list of what the most common problems are for your customer base. If you’re an air conditioning company, one common problem is high electrical bills. If you can start to solve those problems for your customers by offering tips through your posts, you’re able to build that trust. People love it when you solve their problems! And they’ll remember you when they have a bigger problem that they can’t solve on their own.

4. Overcome objections.

This is one of my favorite ones: overcome objections with your posts. I like to do this by addressing the objection head-on with a story. So for instance, one objection we sometimes face is that some business owners think that it’s too expensive to hire a social media company, and they can’t afford it.  We can write a post telling about how we have a client that at first thought our services were going to be too expensive, but we showed them, time and time again, the return on their investment, and they realized it was worth it for them to stick with us. 

Or here’s another example: Maybe you’re a lawn mowing company and your prospective client might say, “Well, I did the math and it’s way more expensive to hire someone to do it than to do it myself; besides, I enjoy doing it.”  You can post a story about how you had someone say that, but then after awhile they found that the were losing valuable time, and suffering from allergies, etc. You get the idea!

Make a list of the most common objections that you and your sales team get and start knocking those out with story-type posts. 

I hope this helps you get past that brain wracking “What am I going to post today?” Just go to these four topics, and figure out what you’re going to post, and I guarantee you’ll run out of days before you run out of content! If you still need help coming up with ideas consistently, check out our Online Marketing tab to see how we can do it for you.


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