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Social Media is NOT Just For Kids Anymore

social media is not just for kids

Social Media is NOT Just For Kids Anymore

You know, there used to be this stigma that social media was just for kids. Sometimes we still think that.

Think about when Facebook came out. Mark Zuckerberg was in college! He was in a dorm room, and he came up with this idea to keep in touch with everyone. In fact, when Facebook first came out you had to be in college to sign up for an account. You had to have a college email address. So really, when Facebook started, it was for kids.

But you look at how it’s evolved, there are Millennials on there, Gen X, Baby Boomers—anyone from grandsons to grandmas are using Facebook. 

Same thing with Instagram. When Instagram first started, people said “Oh, it’s just for the kids, I don’t need to be on Instagram.” We’re seeing time and time again with the clients we manage on Instagram that middle-aged parents, young parents, and the older generation, are all using Instagram.

And small local businesses who have realized that they can leverage Facebook and Instagram to get in front of their target audience are winning.

What consumers want and expect:

A lot of consumers want to go with companies that are on the cutting edge of technology, and who make it easy to talk back and forth through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other such applications. People just don’t want to call or email any more. They want direct, quick access, and Instagram and Facebook gives you that.

Same thing with like the new and up and coming ones like SnapChat. There are several of these tools, but we have to get out of our heads that these are tools “just for kids” because adults are on these platforms. We have to get out of this mindset and we have to continue to evolve if we want our business to evolve. Now, if we’re complacent and where we want to be, then maybe we don’t need to look at these tools. But I’m telling you: the businesses that continue to evolve and use these platforms are finding out that they’re not just for kids. We adults are playing on there too! 

Sorry for the mini-rant, but I just wanted to make sure that we’re clear that just because it’s called Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, does not mean that your target audience is not on there. They may not admit it, but they’re there!

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