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Social Media Marketing Tips For Seasonal Businesses

marketing a seasonal business

Marketing for Seasonal Businesses:

Social media is a great tool for small businesses to get local exposure. But what about seasonal businesses? What if it’s winter and your business is mainly active in the summer? What if it’s summer and you own a wintertime business? Do you just stop posting during those months that your business isn’t really active?

No! Always remember, “out of sight is out of mind.” Building up your social media community is building a relationship. It takes time and consistency. If you disappear for three months in the winter, people are not going to remember to call you in the summer.

And think about this: if you want to get in shape for the summer, you’re not going to start your workout routine on May 31st and expect results, right? There’s no real fast-track get-in-shape plan, and there’s no fast track for building a solid social media strategy that will be there when you need it, and when your customers need it.

So here are a few tips on how a seasonal business (CPAs, landscapers, Christmas light installers, etc.) can stay in front of their audiences during the slow seasons.

1. Out-of-season tips

What does a Christmas light installation company have to say in the summertime? Here’s where you have to get creative with your tips and brainstorm a little. For example, I bet that most people who hire someone to install Christmas lights live in a house. During the months that no one is looking for Christmas lights, you can still offer tips about general home care. Those are helpful year-round and will keep your name in front of your clients. The same is true for a lawn care company. Tips like watering your foundation, or how to care for your pipes or prep your yard for spring would be valuable info for a lawn care company to share with homeowners during the winter months.

2. Be Social

When you can’t think of any tips to post, get social! Post about events going on in the community or share content that your audience can relate to. There are always community events you can pass along. Talk about the weather, or the current holiday, or what’s going on in the area. Everyone knows that tax season is between January and April 15th, which means CPAs can really win with social media by letting their personality shine starting on April 16th. When a tax preparer can stay relevant on social media all year long, then come January 1 business will fall into his lap.

3. Be consistent

Don’t stop posting! As I said above, “out of sight is out of mind.” Even if you’re not sure what to post or if it feels strange to be posting in the off-season, if you continue to post consistently business will come your way. You may think that a lawn care company should shut their social media down during the winter, but this is actually a great opportunity to build their community by following other local businesses and accounts. Also, they could post about sales and specials due to the items being out of season, and be the only game in town.

People with great summer bodies did not get that way by cramming crazy workout sessions in at the end of spring. Being “in shape” on social media takes giving value consistently and then people will already have a relationship with you by the time your business season is in full swing! Are there any other tips that you would give for a seasonal small business? If so, please share in the comments! Thanks!




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