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Social Media Vs. SEO-Which one is better for your business?

social media vs. SEO

Social Media Vs. SEO

Today let’s talk about the difference between SEO and social media. Before we go any further, it’s important to understand these terms.  

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In layman’s terms, when you type something like “plumber in McKinney” into Google and you get a page of results, the ones that are at the top have been optimized for those results. 

Social media marketing, on the other hand, means things like being active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. 

Both are important, but I want to address the different types of clients that you get with those two different types of marketing. So let’s take the plumber, for instance, or A/C repair–you have an emergency situation going on, and you need to find someone, fast, to come out and fix your problem. 

Benefit of SEO

If you don’t already know someone or don’t have a referral from a neighbor or a friend, then you’re going to go to Google and search there. Typically most people choose from the businesses that are on the first page of results. 

You can see, from this, that SEO is a very important tool to use. But you need to understand what kind of clients it will bring you. You may be on the first page, which is great, but you’ll likely be in competition with some of the other people who show up there as well. You may end up being one of three or four bids for the work—which is great! It’s certainly better than not being in the mix at all. 

Benefit of Social Media Marketing

But I have found that when you use social media, it leads to the decision being made before it needs to be made. 

SEO can get you found, but I truly believe that if you’re doing social media right, that’s what gets you not only found but selected for the job. They may find you in Google, but then they’ll click on your website, then click on your Facebook or Twitter icon, see your content, see your reviews, and see how you’re engaging with other customers. They’ll see all this and know that you’re a company they can like and trust. 

Also, if you’ve been following the Facebook page of an A/C repair company for, say, six months or so, and then you do have an issue in the dead heat of summer you’re not even going to go to Google. You’ve been seeing this company give you great tips and value for the last six months. You may not even call two or three other companies for bids. You may just call this one company that you’ve been following. They already know your name, and they’re already sold on you.


To me, that’s the major difference between SEO and social media marketing. SEO can help your business be found, but social media does the job of getting you selected by showing off your employees, your work, your offices, your views, etc.

That’s why we focus on social media. SEO is important, yes, but we believe you will end up with more loyal and repeat customers by focusing on social media. Do your SEO, but complement it with social media.

I hope this helps. I know people throw out these buzzwords at you: “You need to do SEO! You need to be on Google+!” So I hope this helps you understand the why behind why you do these things.

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