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Believe it or not, we’re approaching spring! We’re leaving February and heading into March. I wanted to share some tips with you on how you can “warm up” your online marketing, and give you some “spring cleaning” tips for your business as well. Enough with the puns. Let’s get to it! 1. Share some spring tips. No matter what kind of business you’re in, share some spring maintenance tips. If your business is A/C repair you can talk about changing out filters. If you’re a plumber talk about checking on your water heater—even though it’s spring you’ll still be taking warm showers, so you want to make sure your heater is tuned up. Or you could talk about sprinkler repair and remind people to get an appointment for their sprinkler system now, before summer hits. Think about your industry and all the ways you can help as far as spring maintenance goes. 2. Update your headshots and your website photos. This is so important! If you go to your About Us page on your company website, you probably have a picture of your entire team. Unfortunately there’s always attrition in businesses, and people come and go. Does your team picture include people who are no longer with your company? Is it missing some of your newer employees? Even if no one has left your company you may have added team members who need to be included in that photo. Team pictures like this work great for a Facebook cover photo, by the way. Another great thing you can do on your About Us page is to have a breakdown of your team, with a professional headshot of each team member. From the office staff to the owner, it’s good to have a professional image of everyone there on your page. I highly recommend Fredshots Photography, if you are looking for someone to do these photos for you. Pictures of your team are another one of those things that give your potential customers warm and fuzzy feelings toward your company. When they see your pictures they don’t feel that they’re doing business with a logo, but with real people. 3. Talk about the weather. You’re laughing at this, I know! But if you log into Facebook, that’s what people are talking about! So when you talk about the weather you blend right in with the conversations. When I say talk about the weather I mean posting about it on Facebook and your other social media. This is an especially good idea as we get further into spring and the weather gets really active. We’ll soon be into hail season and hail affects many different kinds of companies, from roofers to A/C companies. We’re about to have a lot of rain, so if you’re a lawn care company, a plumber, a roofer—all different kinds of businesses can talk about the weather and how it intertwines with their businesses, and how you can be there to help. We could even have one of those ridiculous springs where it stays cold, and you can keep talking about cold weather issues. (Although let’s face it—we’re in Texas, and that’s probably not going to happen.) Blend in with those conversations and offer tips on how to help. Update your headshots, and you will have a fruitful spring as you catapult your business into summer!