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The Best Projects to Post on Social Media

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What are the best types of projects to film for your business?


The Wrong Types of Projects


I got this topic idea from a client meeting I had with a plumbing company. This client told me they are about to launch into a large project that would be great to film … but it’s not the kind of work they want to do.

This situation raises a great point: Should you be filming and posting work you don’t want more of?

No! You want to spend your time and energy filming the types of jobs you want to attract. These are the jobs you want to put a magnifying glass over and show your community why they should choose you.


Projects You Want More Of


If you’re a plumbing company that focuses on slab leaks and sewer drainage, that’s what we should be filming because you want more of those projects.

If you are a landscaping company that has high margins and really kills it on outdoor kitchens and pergolas, those are the projects you should film.

Focus on the projects you want more of. It’s easy to get shiny-object syndrome and film a crazy, one-off project you’re doing. It may sound cool, but ask yourself if you really want more of that kind of work. If the answer is “Yes!” go ahead and film it. If the answer is no, then don’t film it. You might still post some photos of the project, but when it comes to filming, stay focused on the work you want to do.


Your Next Step


If you need help with social media, let me know.  We’d love to help you. I’d love to meet with you and learn more about your business. We don’t just hand you a video—we post it for you, take still photos from it, and create blog content from it. We work to enhance your branding and grow your business.

We’re here to help! I’m Mario Wilson with Market With Mario. And remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario!


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