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The Best Types of Pictures to Post on Social Media

best types of pictures for social media

Today let’s talk about the best pictures to post on social media, specifically on Facebook.

If you’ve been following my channel, you probably already know what I’m going to say: I’m going to tell you to post pictures that include your people. This means your technicians, your admins—anyone in your business. Post pictures of everyone who feels comfortable being photographed. (The more people you have in your pictures the better, but we will never force anyone to have their picture taken and posted.)

Imagine that a potential customer finds your Facebook page. Will they see stock photos and images of things, or will they see your employees? Seeing pictures of your actual employees builds trust with your potential customers. They feel like they know you before they ever call you.

There are two types of shots I like to get with my clients. (And remember, you don’t need expensive camera equipment to take your social media pictures. Your iPhone will work fine!)

1. Action shots.


Take pictures of your team on the job. If you are a plumbing company, these will be pictures of your plumbers fixing a toilet or faucet. The important thing is to have your people in the shot. Anyone can post a picture of a toilet or sink—that’s boring. You might take a picture of your technician holding up a broken or worn-out part that needs replacing. Or, you might take an action shot of them doing the work. Either way, make sure your people are in the shot.

2. Hero shots.


The second shot is what I call the “hero shot.” I love these shots because they create a warm and fuzzy feeling. They show off your company’s culture. I like to get the technician in front of their truck (which is, hopefully, wrapped) and have them smile and give a thumbs-up. This shows your technician is proud of a job well done and proud of fixing your customer’s problem. Hero shots are great branding shots.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get the “hug on the doorstep” shot. This is where the homeowner is willing to be in the shot. You can get a great picture of the customer standing side by side with your technician. This is as good as it can get because it shows that your customer is happy with your service.

Remember, when you take pictures for Facebook, the action shot and the hero shot show off your employees and build trust with your customers. Anyone can post stock photos. That’s boring. What separates your business is your people, so put your people in your marketing!

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