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The Types of Videos Home Repair Contractors Should Post To Facebook

The Types of Videos Home Repair Contractors Should Post To Facebook

The Types of Videos Home Repair Contractors Should Post To Facebook

Okay, business owners! Today I want to talk to you about why it’s best to not have your video content planned and scripted in advance.


You Don’t Need Topics Planned


If you’ve been watching my content for a while, or if you’ve been a business owner for a while, you know that video is just as important of a marketing tool for your business as your social media accounts. When I talk to clients about videos they often get concerned about topics, and what we’re going to film. But you really don’t need to have your topics planned out in advance.


Before we get more deeply into this, I want to tell you that this is not my idea! I got this idea from Gary Vaynerchuk, who talks about “document, don’t create.”


I don’t like to tell my clients what we’re going to talk about. I much prefer to just show up at your job site and document what you’re doing. Here’s why:



1. Video should be a magnifying glass.


My job is to put a magnifying glass on what you’re already doing. I tell my clients that I don’t want anyone to feel like they hired a marketing company. I want it to feel like one of your own team members is on location filming you. You are already doing great work—your videos should just show that!


2. Don’t overthink it.


I don’t want you to overthink your topics. Many times when we have topics that we script out, it sounds scripted. It sounds more like a commercial. When we film to document what you’re actually doing the result is something very organic, which is received better by clients. If you’re a landscaping company and you just talk about a gazebo you’re putting together or a fence that you’re fixing, it’s going to be much more authentic. If I do prep with you and tell you all the important points to hit you’re going to sound like a robot. You’ll sound inauthentic, and you won’t get the effect you want out of the videos. (And remember, we are talking about short videos that document your style, not your professional videos for your website.)


3. People want raw videos, not a commercial.


They don’t want overly produced videos. You have to have a good microphone because you have to have quality sound, but people don’t want to see overlays of text and logos or a huge call to action at the end. You do want a call to action, but there’s a time and a place. When you’re a home repair contractor you can have the best video in the world, but if someone doesn’t need a repair at the time then it’s just another commercial. If you use your videos to show your real personality and your real team, and if you include some tips and value, then you’re using positive branding right there. This will get you results.


4. Show off your work.


When you document vs. create it’s proof that you’re actually doing the work. If you sit at your desk when you film one of these videos, that’s great. But if you’re on-site, filming at a different location every month, then it’s a way of showing people that you’re actually performing this service. Basically, proof that you have customers and actual jobs.


Your Next Step


So don’t overthink your videos. Don’t even come up with a topic in advance. Just film what your team and your crew is already doing! This will bring you the results you want.


I hope this helps. Now, get out there and film!

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