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Videos Home Service Contractors Should Post

videos home service contractors should post

Types of Videos Home Service Contractors Should Post

Video is all the rage these days—and for good reason! Video is a key component of any marketing strategy. So now business owners are hearing it from all sides: “Upload videos!” And I agree with this advice, and we do it for our clients. But sometimes it’s easy for people to get lost in trying to figure out exactly what they should be uploading, and what kinds of videos they should be shooting.

Here are three types of videos that local business owners should be shooting and uploading. This is according to the experiences that we’ve had with what works for our clients and our own pages:

1. Show and Tell

One of the best things you can put up as a video is a how-to video. I also like to think of this as the “Show and Tell” video. In this type of video, the business owner is not necessarily on camera, but they’re showing how to do something. For instance, if you’re a plumber, maybe you’re showing how to replace the handle or float on a toilet. If you’re in lawn care, maybe you’re showing how to properly weed, or fertilize. If you’re an auto repair shop, maybe you’re showing how to change a tire. This is a video where you’re actually in the field, showing what you do. 

Think about this in terms of how people search for things online, and especially on YouTube. You want your videos to be found on a search, and show you actually doing the work!

2. Answer questions

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you knew this was coming! Answer frequently asked questions. This is the number one way that we come up with ideas for videos for here at Market With Mario. When someone asks me a question like “So, what should I be videoing?” Boom! I make a video of that. 

Ideally, this is where the business owner or a trusted employee is on camera giving tips, addressing frequently asked questions, in a short format. I’ve found that the more I do this, the more people are willing to sit down and watch a video of something that really resonates with them, or that they have a question about. What questions are your customers asking you? Jot those down and create videos to address them.

3. Live stream

This is a fairly new option, but sometimes you want to live stream an event. There are different ways to do this. You can use an app called Periscope. For Facebook, you can use Facebook Live. Facebook Live is an incredible tool, but I must warn you—it is live! So make sure that you are in a very controlled environment before you start broadcasting. You can live stream a speaking engagement, or a family-friendly event, something that people will be interested in and hang on.

If you’re ever asked to speak in front of a group, you can just set up your phone and film yourself speaking right there. You can then have people tuning in to watch you speak, through Facebook, without them having to be in attendance at your talk. That just gives you and your company more exposure! 

I hope this helps to answer the question of, “Yeah, I know I need to be doing video, but what do I video?” Now go record! 🙂 

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