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What Should My Business Blog About?

what to blog about for business

I got an interesting question from a business owner the other day. He said, “I follow your blog, I want to get into blogging, but I don’t know what to blog about. What should I be blogging about?”

As I answer this question I’m going to use my own advice. The answer to his question is—any time you’re asked a question, that’s an immediate blog post! So I’m about to create a blog post about what to blog about! 

1. Answer questions!

So that’s the very first thing—no matter what business you’re in, whatever questions you get, those questions need to be addressed with a blog post. For instance, if you’re a lawn-care company and somebody asks you, “How do I take care of my yard during the winter?” That’s an immediate blog post: “Three things you can do for your yard during the winter time.” 

Ask your staff, ask your team, whoever’s answering the phones, “What questions are you all getting?” And then start knocking those out in different blog posts.

2. Solve problems

The second thing you can do for topics is to ask yourself, “What problems can I solve for my potential customer or client? For example, if you are a dentist— believe it or not, lots of people don’t like to go to the dentist!—many families with young children look for a dentist. You could write a blog post about how to get your children to brush their teeth, or how to get your children to floss, etc. 

Think about problems that you have. If you are an AC and heating company, you could blog about “the top three things to help your air conditioner run more efficiently,” or “how to reduce your electric bill in the wintertime.” I bet a lot of people would read those blog posts and then when they need you for your services, there you are, giving them that great content.

3. Tips, tips and more tips

The third thing that you want to blog about is tips in general. Think about all the different things that you know as a business owner that make you an expert, and how you can help your audience with those tips. I’m sharing tips with you right nowthis is something that can help you with your business, and you’re able to forward this on and share it with someone else.

So think about that in your business. What tips do you have to offer? The main thing is, and if you’ve been following my videos or blog for awhile you know this already, that I’m always about lead with value first. We’re not talking about “reasons why you should select Market With Mario.” Put something of value out there. Useful content. Then when people do need our online marketing services, we are right there for them to reach out to and get things going.

But don’t complicate this. Answer frequently asked questions, solve the problems, give out advice and tips in your industry, and in general just think about what people are searching for. Whatever they might be searching for online, go ahead and address those. I guarantee you there’s a business owner right now sitting on his laptop typing in, “What should I be blogging about for my business?” And hopefully he or she comes across my post!

If you know you should be blogging, but don’t have the time to do it consistently, we can help!


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