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What To Post For Google Updates


Google Business Profile Tips

Today we’re going to talk about Google Business Profile updates.

Are you using Google Business Profile? It used to be called Google My Business. If you are not using this to spread the word for your business, I recommend starting now. Google Business Profile has several features and you must take advantage of all of them—reviews, photos, everything. Today, we are going to hone in on the updates feature.


It’s Not The Time For Value

Usually, when I talk to you about social media, I focus on the importance of educating your clients and leading with value. I talk about offering tips and about your branding. Facebook and other social media outlets are where you focus on building trust.


It’s Time To Close

But once your potential clients are on Google, the situation is different. Let’s look at the psychological aspect of your client searching for a business on Google. That client is there with intent. They are not mindlessly scrolling along on Facebook. They have gone to Google for a purpose. They are searching for a company that can help them. Now. Maybe their air conditioner has gone out and they need a technician in McKinney or Allen. If you are an AC company in their area, this is not the time for tips and branding. This is the bottom of the funnel, and it’s time for you to sell. Their house is hot, and they are ready to call you to fix it!


Your Call To Action

This is the perfect place for your call to action. This is where you say, “Call us today for our AC tuneup special!” Or, “If your AC is not working, call us now!” along with a call button that they can click. Or, offer a “Book Now” button that takes them to a landing page. Make it fast, and make it easy. They are looking for solutions—give them one!


Your Next Step

So make sure you take advantage of updates to Google Business! And if you’re thinking to yourself, “That’s great, but I don’t have time to run my company and do my social media and manage Google updates”—we can do this for you. I’d love to learn more about your business. Give us a call! My name is Mario Wilson, my company is Market With Mario. And remember, when you Market With Mario, you profit with Mario!

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