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Why Home Repair Contractors Should Film Videos on Location

film videos on location

I just finished filming some videos for our client and it got me thinking about why it works so well for us to film on location, and why home repair contractors need to be filming their videos on site.


There are three reasons why it works so much better to film on-site than in your office:


1. It’s more exciting!


When you actually film the work that you’re doing, that makes for a much more exciting video than you sitting behind your desk in an office, just talking about what you do. It’s so much more interesting to show what you do!


2. It’s proof that you walk the walk.


It’s proof that you’re out there doing the work that you say you do. Especially in this time when we have some essential jobs and some non-essential jobs—if you can show people that you’re out there working, that’s so much better than just telling them.


3. It lets you show off your quality!


It gives you the opportunity to show off the quality of your work. If you film yourself doing a repair, that’s full transparency that you’re not cutting corners and that you are doing an excellent job. Your potential customers can see the quality you do and the care you take. If you combine this with giving your customers tips and information they can really use, this adds a level of trust that you can’t get from just sitting behind your desk.


Your Next Step


These are the three big reasons I recommend filming yourself doing work on-site! If you think this sounds like a great idea but you don’t want to sit there and film while you’re working—well, that’s what I do! I meet you at your job site, clear it with the homeowner, and then we get in there and film. I take videos of you explaining exactly what you’re doing and post them to Facebook for you. This increases your exposure for your brand and your identity, and helps you improve your profits!


If you need help with this I would be glad to assist you! Please call me at 214-856-0492.

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