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Why I Don’t Add Captions To Videos

Add Captions To Videos

Why I Don’t Add Captions To Videos

All right, home repair contractors! Today let’s talk about captions—putting logos, texts, etc. on videos for Facebook.


If you go through my videos you’ll notice that I don’t have any logos on them. I don’t have any text swooping in at the end. I don’t put any captioning on my videos, which means you can’t just read the text with the sound off.


I want to explain to you why I don’t do these things for myself, or for my clients, and why I don’t recommend that you do it either.




I am all about raw, authentic videos. As far as not looking like an advertisement, the more you can blend into what everyone else is posting on Facebook, the better! The last thing you want to do is to make your video look like it’s a polished commercial or marketing video.


It Works


I’ve done this for long enough that I know the videos we post on Facebook work! This is not a theory. I have plenty of data that proves our videos work.


Lack of Emotional Connection With Captions


But I don’t think videos go as far when the sound can be kept off and the captions can be read as when someone actually listens to your voice (or my voice, or whoever does the video). I think that raw, unpolished video gets more attention every time.


Logos and Text


The same kind of principle applies when you put your logo at the beginning or end of your video. We as consumers don’t want to see another commercial, another ad, another marketing piece. We want you to get to the point, and the quicker the better.

Get Real


When you want to create video content, just get your phone out and shoot!


Your Next Step


If you don’t have the time to do this, or if you want to make sure that you are in the videos yourself, or if you don’t have the time to post them to Facebook yourself or follow up on the comments, that’s what we do! I will meet you at your job site, shoot some videos, take some pictures, and we’ll let your customers see the quality of your work for themselves!

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