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Why Social Media is the New Word of Mouth Marketing

word of mouth marketing

Why Social Media is the New Word of Mouth Marketing


Many business owners will say they get a lot of business by word of mouth. That’s fantastic! But did you know that social media is becoming the voice of word of mouth? In other words, social media is the tool that people use to actually speak the words. 


We’re Talking to People Less and Less:


What do I mean by that? If you think about it, people don’t actually talk as much as we used to, face to face or over the phone. Instead we “talk” through text, or Facebook groups, Facebook Messenger, and things like that. 


Why It’s Important To Have a Social Media Presence:


It’s important that a home repair business have a social media presence because more and more people are looking to Facebook and Instagram, etc. to research and check out a company. But also people like to recommend your business by tagging your page and things like that. If you don’t even have a Facebook page, then they don’t have a Facebook page to tag! I like to explain it this way: Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram and things like that) is like word of mouth marketing on steroids! More and more people are on those platforms, and so more and more people can hear about you. 


How People Are Now “Talking” About Your Business:



We’re just not using our physical voices as much as our digital voices. Sometimes my daughter will even text me from the other room to ask me a question! This is the society we’ve moved to (although, I do advise her to walk into the room haha). The best way that I can describe what I do for businesses is you’re doing your trade, and I’m simply putting a magnifying glass on the work that you’re doing, with your social media presence. If you’re doing great work and more people know about it, your profits are going to go up! You’re going to get better customers, and you’re going to get more customers. 

Word of mouth marketing is great! But social media marketing is the new word of mouth because our mouths have now become our fingertips as we post in Facebook groups or type in a Google search instead of physically talking with other people. This is why it’s vital that you have me, or someone else that you trust, to handle your social media marketing. It’s important to get your name out there more and more so that you can take advantage of the new word of mouth marketing! 


Your Next Step:


I hope this helps! If you’d like to schedule a consultation with me I’d love to sit down with you and see how I can help your business improve your word of mouth presence online! Send me an email at and let’s talk!

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