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Why You Need a Facebook Business Page

Reasons for Facebook page

One question that I often get is, “Why should I have a business page on Facebook, when I already have a personal page with tons of friends and lots of referrals?”

It’s great to be active on your personal Facebook page! The reasons why I recommend having a professional business Facebook page are:

1. Not everyone is interested!

Not all of your friends may be interested in your products or service—believe it or not! I know that’s a bit of a harsh reality. But if you have hundreds of friends, only a small percentage of them may have an interest in what you do. So if you’re constantly posting about what you do, and a large percentage of them don’t care, you’re turning them off every time that you post. So you want to keep your personal page personal, with posts about your life, your family, etc. 

2. A business page lets you target your audience.

Meanwhile, on the business page, you can target the audience that does care about your products and services! For instance, if you’re in the trade industry and you visit homes all the time, you can target homeowners in a certain zip code that have a specific interest in your product. You can run Facebook targeted ads to attract these customers to your Facebook business page. Then you know you’re posting to the right audience, the audience that actually cares about what you do.

You can also run analytics to see who likes your post. You can even tell when someone touches a picture you’ve posted, or touches one of your posts as opposed to commenting on it or liking it. Some people don’t like or comment, they just open the post and look at it. You can run that kind of data on a business page.

3. Perception.

People nowadays expect you to have a Facebook business page. When you don’t, it seems very odd! And worse, when you do have a Facebook business page and you haven’t posted in a couple of months, they wonder if you’re too busy, or if you maybe went out of business. They expect to see posts and wonder what’s wrong when they don’t! 

I highly recommend that you have a Facebook business page and keep it all business. Then you can have your Facebook personal page, and keep it all personal. If you need help setting up and managing it, we can do that for you! To check out our packages, click here: social media management


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