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Why You Need Word of Finger Marketing

word of finger marketing

Why You Need Word of Finger Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about “word of finger” marketing. 

You’re probably thinking, “Word of finger marketing? What on earth is that?”

“Word of Mouth” Has Changed


It’s a play on “word of mouth” marketing, as you probably figured out. If you ask most business who have been around for a while and who work mainly on referrals, you’ll probably hear them say that they get a lot of business through word of mouth. That’s usually the number one referral source. 


But let’s think about this. It’s 2019. How are people actually talking? We’re not talking as much with our voices anymore, in phone calls or face to face. Many of our conversations now are happening with our fingers! We’re texting more. We’re messaging more. We are sharing posts on social media, and typing up Facebook statuses and making tweets and Instagram posts. Yes, people are going to talk about your business, but the old school way of walking down and talking to your neighbors doesn’t happen as much as it used to. It does still happen, but not as frequently as people are talking online. 


Can People Find Your Business On Facebook?


Think about your business, and whether you have a “word of finger” marketing strategy. If someone wants to share your Facebook page, do you have a Facebook page to share? If you do have a Facebook page do you have content that’s relevant for people to share with their fingers, and spread the word? 

The number one feedback my clients give me within the first couple of months of hiring us is that they see the referrals go through the roof. Why is that? Well, it’s because we’re posting videos and pictures and blog posts on their Facebook pages, and we’re giving their current customer base a reason to share their content. They share with their fingers, not necessarily with their mouths. 

Yes, you are still getting a lot of “word of mouth” traffic, but the mouth is now our fingers because we are now commenting, sharing, liking things, and giving people the recommendation for your business online. 


Your Next Step


If you need any help keeping up with your social media strategy to make sure that your business is at your customers’ fingertips, not just the tips of their tongue, contact me! Let’s meet up and see how we can best position your business online so you can take advantage of “word of fingers” marketing!



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