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Why You Should Include People In Your Marketing

Why You Should Include People In Your Marketing


Today we’re going to talk about why you should put people in your marketing. And not just people, but your people! Your team, your employees … even your customers. Here’s why:


Your Team Makes The Difference


I’m a really big believer in the idea that people want to do business with people, not logos or brands or pictures you found on the internet. What separates you from those other companies? Besides your fantastic service and the quality of your work, what sets you apart is—your people.


We’ve got to stop using stock photos and canned photos, and even graphics we create on a local level. They do serve a purpose for different types of marketing, but for a local home repair or home service business there’s a lot of competition at the local level and you need something that will let you rise above the rest.


Your Customers Are Familiar With Your Team


When you use real pictures of your team people who know your employees are going to say, “Wow! I know her! She was instrumental in helping us out!” People are more likely to engage with that type of post and to share it. The more times that happens, the more referrals you get and the more you stay in mind when people need your services.


People like to see people, and they like to see your people!


My Challenge To You


I want to challenge you! Start taking pictures of your team members going about their daily tasks. Get a picture of your office manager going about his or her day, or a picture of whoever you have running your crews or your teams and get that picture and their name out there on your social media. (Remember to always ask first to see if an employee is comfortable with you posting their name and picture!) Start doing this and then watch the results! You’ll be amazed!


I got this idea from a book called Marketing Rebellion. The author of this book, Mark Schaefer, believes that “the most human company wins”. People want authenticity, and they want to know who the people are behind your brand.


So I challenge you and encourage you to start putting pictures of your actual team, instead of stock photos, on your Facebook page and website.



Your Next Step



I do this for all of my clients. In fact, I’m meeting a client tomorrow at their job site, and I’ll be taking pictures and videos of them performing their tasks. They get to focus on what they do best, and I take care of the posting!


If this is something you know you need to be doing but you don’t have the time or don’t know how to organize it, I’d love to help you out!


Just remember: Be real, be human, and get your team out there where people can see them!

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