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Why You Should Share Garage Tips In Your Marketing

marketing tips for spring

It’s spring, and people are coming out of their winter slump ready to get their house and yard cleaned up and looking good again. I want to encourage all you home service contractors to focus on the garage during this month. Why? If you think about it, there are so many home service opportunities just in and around the garage! This means that there are many ways you can offer tips and help to your clients during this time.


1. Spring cleaning.


Lots of people are going to be taking this time to do some spring cleaning projects. My wife and I are lucky that we can actually park our cars in the garage. We made a decision that we’re not going to keep a bunch of stuff in there. But many people do keep a lot of stuff in their garage and need help organizing it. You can be of service to people by offering tips on how to organize garage space, or how to get rid of garage clutter by donating items.


2. Sprinkler control systems.


Think about all the items people keep in their garages, and how you may be able to help. If you’re in landscaping, for instance, or sprinkler repair, you can offer tips in these areas. Usually, the sprinkler control panel will be in the garage and if some of your customers are like me and not handy at all, they may need your help to set up their sprinkler controls and automated watering times. You can offer tips on how to set up the watering zones, how often and how much to water, etc. That’s all over my head, and it might be over your customers’ heads too!


3. Hot water heaters.


Are you a plumber? This is a great time to offer tips about hot water heaters. Even though the weather is getting warmer we still want to take a nice, hot shower. If your customers have a lot of kids or a lot of people in their house, maybe now is the time to have them take a look at a tankless water heater.


4. The attic.


What about above the garage? If you do roofing or insulation or radiant barriers, you can give your customers tips on managing their attic space to keep it clean and in good repair, and keep the house comfortable.


5. Automobile care.


Are you in auto repair? You can talk about the importance of keeping your car in the garage and taking care of it that way.

6. Garage door maintenance.


And of course, if you run a garage door repair company you can give all kinds of tips on how to maintain your garage. Nowadays there’s a lot of tech and home automation gadgets—I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to control everything from a touch of a button on my iPhone! You can talk to your customers about garage door automation and apps that let you check whether your garage door is up or down when you’re sitting at a restaurant across town.

So if you’re in the home repair and maintenance industry, no matter what you do there’s something going on in the garage! So think about how the garage relates to your business, and see how you can help folks out with that. When you help people they come to you for the business!

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