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Why You Should Share YouTube Videos Through Email

YouTube for business


Today we are talking about YouTube and the power of YouTube!


By now, if you have been following my videos and blogs for a while you know that I am passionate about the power of video.


Where To Post Your Videos


But let’s talk about what happens after you shoot the video. What do you do with it?


SEO Benefits of Video


The first thing I recommend is that you post it to your YouTube channel. There are so many different reasons for you to do this, but the main one is that you will get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits. Google owns YouTube, and Google is a search engine! When people search for home repair topics or services, and you can get in front of those searches, your chances are good that you’ll get the business. So upload those videos to YouTube and take advantage of being available on search!


Send To Your Email List


The next thing you should do is embed the YouTube video into an email and send it to your email list. This is a powerful technique, and we’ve been doing it with our clients lately. Why is this so effective? It’s because the people on your email list already know you, like you, and trust you. You’ve probably done business with them before, so they are already familiar with your brand.


The 3 Rs


This is a great way to get what I call the “3 Rs:” more referrals, more repeat customers, and more revenue. This works because when you market to your email list you’re not dealing with someone who is looking for the lowest bid, or even getting multiple bids. They’ve already used you before. They think “I already trust these people, let’s go ahead and use them again!”


Your Next Step


Upload your videos to YouTube, and then send those YouTube videos to your email list. If you need help with that, that’s what I do! Give us a call! We’ll get you a quote and go from there.

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