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Why You Should Use Emojis In Your Marketing

Emojis In Your Marketing

Why You Should Use Emojis In Your Marketing

This week let’s talk about using emojis in your marketing.

I never thought I’d be doing a blog post about emojis! But the truth is, I love to use them. Here are three reasons why we use emojis in our marketing, and we think you should too!

1. They’re fun!

And that’s what social media is all about. It is social media, after all! People go to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to unwind from their day and to be entertained. Just using a smiley face emoji brings a little fun into your post. Match up an emoji to whatever your post is about—the iPhone emoji keyboard has just about every expression or emotion that you can think of! Plus they have cars, faces, food…you name it. It’s fun! And it’s okay to have fun in your marketing. 😛

2. Better engagement

When you have emojis people spend more time looking at your posts. They’re not only reading your caption, but they’re also looking at your emojis. Eyeballs on your posts are great, but you also want people to spend time on your posts. When you add an emoji to your post it captures them for a few more seconds than they would if there were no emoji. Remember, engagement is the key to your posts, meaning you want people to actually pay attention to your posts. You want them to be eye-catching, and emojis do that: they’re colorful and attract attention.

For example, if you’re a pest control company and you’re talking about bugs, you can find an actual bug emoji 🕷 ! If you’re an auto repair shop there are several different cars and tools that you can choose from 🚗 . The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to matching your post and your industry to an emoji.

Of course, you don’t want to go crazy with them, and you don’t have to use them on every post. But sprinkle some in and see what happens!

3. Emojis make an emotional connection

This isn’t really quantifiable unless you talk to the people visiting your page, but there is an emotional connection with the emojis. Often when I’m texting with my wife I’ll throw in an emoji (like this one just for fun 🙄  I repeat, just for fun haha), and it makes her laugh! It can really add an emotional dimension to communication. You want your followers to have warm, fuzzy feelings toward you, or you want to make them laugh, etc. By using emojis you can tie in that emotional factor. If you’ve been following my blogs you know that I always say that we don’t buy from logos or brands, we buy from people! We don’t buy with our heads, we buy with our gut. So you can really bring out an emotional aspect to your post by adding in an emoji.

This is just a bit of a fun twist you can add to your marketing. Try it out, see what you think! See what your audience thinks! But I highly recommend that you throw the emojis into your marketing mix!  👍 

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